iPad 3 Rumored to be Released Soon!

It’s incredible that a year has almost gone by since the iPad 2 came on the market and there were lines of Apple enthusiasts anxiously awaiting the opening of the Apple Store’s doors.

That is all going to happen again with the soon to be release iPad 3.

It’s rumored to be on the shelves March or April 2012.  I have read in places that March 7th might be the day.  However, no official date has been released as of now.

What’s new with the iPad 3?

I’ve read that it’s going to follow the iPhone 4S’ footsteps with an 8MP camera!  WOOT!  Higher pixelage {is that a word?} to produce better images on your screen.  Also, it’s going to be a bit thicker than the iPad 2, about 1mm.  This is to allow for more battery to power the higher pixels and graphics.  I wonder if it’ll be about the same thickness as the 1st generation iPad?

This iPad 3 is also rumored to have ‘Retina Display’ unlike the iPad 1 and 2.  What is Retina Display?  I had the same question so I googled it and fell on to Gizmodo.com and here’s what it said Retina Display is, “Steve Jobs mentioned an all-new “Retina Display” for the iPhone 4. But what exactly is a “Retina Display?” Apart from a marketing buzzword, it’s essentially a high-end screen with four times as many pixels in the same screen real estate”.  It sounds like they are really taking the qualities people like from the iPhones and incorporating them in to the iPad 3.

I’m no tech expert, but I do know how to make them look stylish while being protected!

Would you like to see a few iPad covers?

{Haven’t done this in awhile …}

iPad 3 cover

They will fit all of the iPads!  Check out more photos of this one here.

iPad 3 cover

Paisley and Polka Dots {here}

iPad 3 release

Are you a numbers person? {here}


  1. We still don’t have an iPad, even though the Husband desperately wants one. (It’s a LOT of $$ to shell out!) If we ever do get one, you’ve definitely got an adorable cover there!

  2. These are sooo pretty!!! 🙂

  3. Rose's Daughter says:

    I want an ipad soooo bad. late visit from SITS!!!

    • Thank you so much! iPads are wonderful! The convenience is so great {but it really is a want and not a need for most}. Keep taradara in mind if you ever want a cover for your new iPad!! xo

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