How to Paint your Fireplace

Updating your fireplace can seem like a daunting task!

But it really isn’t hard at all!  Trust me!

update brass fireplaceYou need:

High heat spray paint
Newspaper or plastic
Drop cloth
Fine sandpaper

To Start:

You can take your glass doors off if you wish and take it outside OR you can tape the glass off and apply plastic or newspaper to protect the glass from over spray.

I left mine on and started by scuffing up the brass with fine 220 grit sandpaper.  It doesn’t have to be a perfect sanding job, just make sure it’s scuffed up enough for the paint to stick.

Paint your fireplace, update it in 30 minutes

Then I used vinegar to clean it all off and I also heard it’s a good product to use to prep and clean when painting metal …

Paint your fireplace, update it in 30 minutes

It’s time to protect the brick and glass…

Paint your fireplace, update it in 30 minutesI also suggest using paper to protect the sides/edges of the fireplace, again to protect from over spray.  I taped off the bottom of the fireplace and used my drop cloth on the horizontal surface.  I do suggest to tape the drop cloth down to ensure there is no overspray that sneaks under the drop cloth (like mine did … ahem).

Paint your fireplace, update it in 30 minutesOkay, the fireplace is prepped and ready to be painted.  Open your windows for air circulation, but if it’s windy, you might want to wait till it settles as it will blow the overspray and it WILL land on stuff you don’t want it to.  Using long even swipes, start to paint.  Don’t stay in one spot too long or it’ll pool and show a drip.  Keep the paint can moving steadily.

Paint your fireplace, update it in 30 minutes

Paint your fireplace, update it in 30 minutesStop for a second and take a look at the great job you’ve done.  Look under to make sure you’ve covered all the surfaces.

Paint your fireplace, update it in 30 minutesOpen the glass doors and tape off the areas you don’t want painted.  Paint the inner area of the brass so when the doors are open, you don’t see it.  Be sure to paint the top of the brass located on TOP of the doors as well.  This part can be a bit tricky, but you can do it!!

Paint your fireplace, update it in 30 minutesThen, remove the tape carefully and leave the doors open to dry.  Once dry, close them and ADMIRE your beautiful updated fireplace!!!  You’ll wonder why it took you so long to do it because it was so easy!!!!!

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My son has sensitive lungs so I decided to do it in the morning while he was at school so the paint smell had time to dissipate.  He came home and did not have any problems at all.  (**disclaimer:  I am not giving advise to do this if you have health issues in your home, only sharing my story)


  1. DeDe@DesignedDecor says:

    Looks so much better!

  2. Love it! Need to get this done before Thanksgiving. Nothing like an easy update on a 25 year old home. Maybe I’ll do the BBQ too…maybe the shower door trim…anything else?

    • Terri! Don’t stop! Keep going! I certainly want to do the shower door trim! My doorknobs are all done, fireplace … I’m looking at my bbq now since you mentioned it … LOL! xo

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