How to make Burlap Flowers

How to make Burlap Flowers

 I’m very excited to share this tutorial with you today

how to make a burlap flower

I made these curtains and needed some tiebacks, but didn’t want boring or anything without some interest.  I saw this picture and pinned it awhile ago and knew that I wanted to make  myself a pair of these beautiful flowers for my curtains in my front room.

How to make floral tie backs

I love texture, so burlap fit the bill pretty good for that and would hold it’s shape very well.

You can use these flowers to decorate a room for a party, or for a gift decoration, or for curtain tiebacks, or to decorate your guest bathroom towels.  You can use it to add dimension and interest to almost anything that is missing that something.

What you’ll need:

Burlap cut lengthwise

Strip of cotton or other fabric


Yarn or string

What I did:

Cut 1 burlap strip approximately 12″ wide X 3 ft long

Cut a 2nd strip burlap strip approximately 11″ wide X 3 ft long

Cut cotton fabric strip approximately 7″ wide X 3 ft long

How to Assemble:

Stack your 3 strips so that they are centered on top of eachother

how to make a burlap flower

Fold it back and forth like you did when you were a kid making a fan.  I measured about 1.5″ folds, just eyeball it.

how to make a burlap flower

Tie it around the center with a piece of yarn or string.

how to make a burlap flower

With your scissors, go around the ends and cut the ends to make a point or simply a rounded ends.  Make each fold like a triangle tip.

This might be a bit tricky with the shorter widths.  You’ll have to pull them out slightly to get to the ends to be able to cut them.

It does NOT have to be perfect!  

Just to give it some added interest.

how to make a burlap flower

Then fan it out to make a round circle, you can even staple it if you need if that burlap is being stubborn.

You’ll want start separating the 3 layers from eachother to make a full round flower

how to make a burlap flower

To make add it to your curtain, you can attach it to a strip of fabric, or you can do what I did and find a couple of tie backs from Joann that were on clearance {hey, it saved me a step!}

how to make a burlap flower

So, then, I was wondering, how the heck should I attach these big beautiful burlap flowers to the tiebacks??

More yarn {or string}

how to make a burlap flower

And Voila….

how to make a burlap flower

how to make a burlap flower

how to make a burlap flower

I love how they turned out and the how the color and textures work together.  I have waited a LONG time to tie these curtains back with something I love.

I love these burlap flowers!!

You don’t have to make them as large as this, you can definitely adjust the widths and lengths to alter the size of your flowers.  Get creative!!!  I’d love you to leave a comment with your creations!!!!

Hope you do too!

{If you make these using my tutorial, please link back}

xo Tara


  1. These turned out so sweet. My girls would absolutely love these in their room. Like a million of them.

  2. Jenny Ford says:

    so stinkin cute!

  3. These are adorable! Love the tutorial… I am pinning!

  4. Thanks for this amazing tutorial!

    I tried my hand at making my own burlap flower curtain tiebacks tonight. I posted pictures on my blog. I also referenced your website, hope you don’t mind.

    Take a look here:

  5. Love these flowers! They are beautiful and, as you say, could be used for so many things!

  6. Very creative. So much prettier than just plain burlap flowers. Thanks for sharing.


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