How to make a Belly Cast Tutorial

When I was pregnant, I wanted to have my belly casted so I could paint it and make it look pretty … and to remember how HUGE I was {well, not really}

Do you know how hard it was to not be able to move to help my husband?  Very … cause I’m the crafty one and wanted to be involved in getting my hands dirty.  But, I was ‘frozen’ and not able to move while he was making the master piece.

How to make a belly cast

Would like to know how we did this?

Materials you need:

Multiple Rolls of Casting material
Tub of warm water
Old sheet
Pregnant belly
Sand paper
Plaster of Paris

We got some casting materials from Hobby Lobby, it comes in a roll wrapped in plastic.  You might find it where the Plaster of Paris is {pick some of that up too, you’ll need it for this project}.

Cut them up in to various lengths ranging from about 6″ to about 14″.  We also halved them so we had some narrow strips for when we needed them.

We applied Vaseline on my belly {and everywhere else that was to be casted} so that the casting material wouldn’t rip ALL my hair out when we removed the cast … it hurts!}

Then we got a pail of WARM water to dip the cast strips in {do yourself a favor!}

Oh!  Don’t forget to put something under you so you don’t have plaster splatter all over {horrible to clean up!}

** I wrote on myself with a sharpie {yes, a sharpie} to outline where I wanted the cast to go.  I advise this as it gives the person putting the cast on a guideline of where to go to and make a smooth line {not fun to trim the jagged edges … it kinda ruins the whole thing if you have to do that}

** So, I got in to the position I wanted to be in and my husband started to layer the casting strips.

Front view

How to make a belly cast

Side view
How to make a belly cast, it's really easy and cheap

Yes, folks, I was a HOUSE!  

I gained 60 pounds with BOTH pregnancies!!!  

{But, it all came off cause I worked my butt off to get it off}

Moving on…

After the cast felt dry enough to touch and take off {you can also knock on it and you’ll be able to tell if it’s dry enough or not by the sound}, we slowly removed it.  We did it SLOWLY because even though there was Vaseline everywhere, there still seemed to have some spots that may have had a thinner layer {which, in turn, means “little fine hairs were attached to the cast”}.

I put is aside for a couple of days to have it completely dry.

I hand sanded some of the rougher areas with sand paper.

I then got some Plaster of Paris from Hobby Lobby.  Mixed it up according to the directions and smoothed it on to the cast to make a smooth layer {you can see the criss cross lines from the casting material} over the entire cast.  You might have to do it a couple of times to get it to where you want it.  Then I hand sanded it again to smooth out the plaster.

Then, I primed it.

And painted it…
How to make a belly cast cheaply and easily

Pretty cool, hey!

I put a couple layers of spray varnish on it to get the sheen.  You’ll want to make sure you get a GOOD spray varnish otherwise it’ll yellow as it ages a bit.

I hot glued the wide ribbon to the inside of the cast.  Use a LOT of glue cause you don’t want your work of art to fall to the ground!

We casted my belly again with our second … I have the base coat done which is the same as this one, but I’m going to paint the Kissing Bees Hot Air Balloons on it … I may finish it when the boy is 20 … HA!

Okay, hope this wasn’t too much for you and I didn’t offend anyone.  

I just loved the beauty of pregnancy {even though both pregnancies were not easy … that’s another blog post … maybe}.  But I really wanted to capture it with more than photos and video.

I guess that’s the artsy fartsy in me….

xo Tara


  1. That’s so cool! What a fab idea!

  2. Heather Mullin says:

    That is cool! I never really liked them but I have never seen someone do it in such an artistic natural way…They way you molded it! I may have to do that when we start having babies! Thanks for sharing! You were NOT huge B.T.W, you looked adorable!


    • taradara says:

      Thanks, Heather! I sure felt like a house {60 pounds is a LOT of weight when your baby was only 8lbs6oz} …

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