How do you decorate your home for the holidays

I LOVE decorating for the holidays!

I love using the ornaments and decorations that my boys have made in the past and current year.  We also make a Christmas Craft at home as well that we bring out every year, too.  Who knows what it’ll be this year, guess I better get a move on, hey!

How do decorate your home for the holidaysWe’re starting to really enjoy decorating the tree TOGETHER!  For those of you who have small children, I know you what I mean.  The boys are now 7 and 9, so they are a bit more responsible and ‘careful’ of the ornaments {mostly}.  Every year seems to get easier and easier to trim the tree and not have a heart attack!

Christmas Cheer There are some very sentimental ornaments that I treasure like this one of M eating mud years ago.

Christmas Cheer And this one of N riding down a ‘steep’ hill for the first time.  He was so cute!  Well, he still is.

Christmas Cheer And, of course, now the boys are in school!  I sincerely LOVE the ornaments they make in class for our tree.

{my mom STILL has the ones my brother and I made in grade school!}

So, I think I’ll follow in her footsteps and save all the ones the boys make so I can show their girlfriends/future wives what fantastic artists they were!!

Christmas Cheer Our customized tree skirt {see how to make this no sew tree skirt here}

Christmas Cheer Those special ornaments decorate this HUMUNGOUS tree we went out and cut down as a family.

It was freezing out there, but we found the perfect tree for our home and made it ours!!!

Christmas Cheer

This is a simple Christmas Card holder {learn how to make super simply Christmas Card Display} … it’s starting to fill up now …

Every year, I notice a difference in our boys’ participation in decorating our home.

It’s so nice to be able to bring out slightly more delicate ornaments and decorations with confidence that they won’t be destroyed within 24 hours of their appearance … it may take 48 hours … LOL!

And every year, I love creating a Christmas craft with them too!  Last year, it was the tree skirt … this year, I’m not quite sure what it’ll be, but come on by and see!

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