HGTV’s Design Star Likes ME! Kim Myles Likes ME

She really likes me!!!

Kim Myles shocked the heck out of me when I saw she had retweeted me {she tweeted my post to all of her followers}!!

When I post a blog post, it automatically tweets it out to my followers.  So, I cross my fingers and hope that someone in the twitterverse will see it and click over.

Kim Myles added to my happiness when I saw this after I posted my How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets tutorial…

HGTV's Design Star, Kim Myles, likes this DIYer!!  Check out what she wrote...

She wrote “Great How-To!”


I HAD to reply to her … cause that’s how I am!  She told me she loves what I do as well!


Yup, she said it!!!

HGTV's Design Star, Kim Myles, like this bloggers kitchen makeover tutorials.  See what she has to say

I actually did watch her season and watched her finale!!!  It’s hard to watch TV with little people, but I DVR’d HGTV’s Design Star during her season!  It is serendipitous that we connected years later!!!

Then, of course, I was in the midst of doing my kitchen bead board tutorial and HAD to let her know about the follow up…

HGTV's Design Star loves what this blogger is doing with her kitchen, check it out!

She called my how-to’s DOPE!!!!  


Coming from a gal who has worked with a number of talented tradesmen and designers, my ego is stroked!!!

So, thank you, Kim Myles, for making this gal’s day by taking a few seconds to tweet and retweet.  

… Stay tuned for the mosaic portion of this wonderful kitchen transformation … on a budget!

It’s in the works, and I’m so excited!!!

xo Tara


  1. So fun! I love Kim and totally loved her show. Hate that it doesn’t air anymore! Congrats girlie!

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