Helpful Houseplant Tip

During my travels with my nursing job this spring, I came across an Orchid plant in an office.  I even picked up a houseplant tip from it!!

Not just any Orchid plant … one that was ALIVE!!!!  I always seem to bring them to their demise for some reason ;(

Well, I saw something I wanted to quickly share with you.

These ladies don’t just take care of sick people … and well people….

They make sure their plants are taken care of as well!

Check out their CLEVER way of holding the Orchid’s branches up …

Houseplant tips

They use Hairclips!!!

Now, that’s clever!!!

Houseplant tips

You can buy them at the dollar store for, well, a buck and use them all over your house …

Orchid Houseplant tips

Well, all over your house if you have plants all over your house … ahem …

Houseplant tips

It’s so simple!

No tiebacks, no lose ends.  They’re adjustable.

They’re CHEAP!

Easy to move.  Easy to remove…

Maybe I’ll try my hand at an orchid plant again …

Maybe it’ll live …

Or maybe not …


  1. Great idea! I would have never thought of that. 🙂

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