How to make Burlap Flowers

How to make Burlap Flowers  I'm very excited to share this tutorial with you today I made these curtains and needed some tiebacks, but didn't want boring or anything without some interest.  I saw this picture and pinned it awhile ago and knew that I wanted to make  myself a pair of these beautiful flowers for my curtains in my front room. I love texture, so burlap fit the bill pretty good for that and would hold it's shape very well. You can use these flowers to decorate a room for a party, or for a gift decoration, or for curtain tiebacks, or to decorate your guest bathroom towels.  You can use it to add dimension and interest to almost anything that is missing that … [Read more...]

I’m over at Capturing Joy!

Hey friends! I'm over at Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke showing off how I decorate with pictures! She has a wonderful series going on RIGHT NOW "Decorating with Pictures" Go on over and take a peek on how a bunch of us bloggers decorate with photographs! I'm drooling still!!! My Pinterest board is going to be full of these lovely posts!!! xo Tara … [Read more...]

Big News Announcement!! Build a Better Creative Business Course

In case you haven't heard, my friends Lisa Jacobs and Timothy Adam have an amazing course, Build a Better Creative Business.  It's FULL of amazing tips and tricks.  These 2 combined have truly rocked the handmade business and have been very successful on Etsy. I'm happy to announce that I will be a part of this amazing course!!! I'll be talking about PR {Public Relations} and Media Exposure. I feel very proud to be teamed up with these 2 successful business savvy entrepreneurs. This is week 2 of the Build a Better Creative Business Course and we still have stops available. Lisa and Tim have a few FAQ's you can read through over on the Build a Better Creative Business' blog HERE.   … [Read more...]

Build a Better Creative Business Webinar

I wanted to share this quickly with you.  For those who are in business for yourselves and want to take it to the next level, my good friend Lisa Jacobs and Timothy Adam are putting on the 'Build a Better Creative Business Webinar' Tim writes, "I have been in the creative business since 2007, and have grown his Etsy shop and built Handmadeology. I am a published author on the subject, and he and his wife have built their creative careers around their life together. They're living the dream! As for Lisa, she didn't enter the scene until 2010, but she has made fast friends with the community and more than 3,000 sales in two years. Beyond that and because her shop brings in more than … [Read more...]

DIY Holiday Wreath – Easy 30 Minute Craft

Holiday Christmas Wreaths are everywhere. I decided to try my hand at making my own and it actually turned out okay! Yes, I surprised myself! Making this wreath was super easy and took me under 30 minutes! You'll need: Twig/vine wreath or a styrofoam wreath Clippings from your Christmas tree Festive decorations ... they're on sale everywhere Ribbon You start with your wreath form and clippings.  We had extra from our tree this year, so I just took a bunch from the excess branches we cut off. Just start sticking the branches between the vine on the wreath.  No need for glue here folks.  Just be sure that they are secure. Have your embellishments ready for when you've … [Read more...]

Add PIZZAZZ to Your Boring Mom-i-form

My friends know that I LOVE to accessorize with fancy fabric flowers. I put them in my hair and on my outfits, it's kind of becoming my signature look.  I recently received some of the cutest Posy Clusters from Nest of Posies.  They dress up my mom-i-form quite nicely! I love how they have a few different colors to match more than one or two outfits. I wear black a lot for my mom-i-form, so it seems that they will work with pretty much every outfit on every day!  I've got this down! Oh, but wait!  Sometimes I wear this beautiful turquoise long sleeve top {actually, I have a few of them}. Plain Jane, yes, BUT, with Nest of Posies' Posy Cluster, it all of the sudden becomes dressed … [Read more...]

Taradara $150 Giveaway!!!

As promised, I have a BIG Taradara Giveaway for you to have a chance to win! There's yet ANOTHER exciting GIVEAWAY on Monday AND on Tuesday as well!  So wonderful to be able to GIVE AMAZING ITEMS AWAY!!! Today's GIVEAWAY is just like the title reads ... $150 Giveaway to Taradara!!! You can choose what you want!  Perfect timing for Christmas! If you've wanted a Taradara for yourself ... GREAT! If you want to get a bunch of Stocking Stuffers ... PERFECT!! If you want to buy a couple of lovelies for your girlfriends and family ... AWESOME!!! Did you know that my products were in the 2012 GBK Productions swag bag for the 2012 Golden Globes?  YES, THE award show!   AND, Taradara … [Read more...]