Got Stains? Cover them up!

You read that right.



I’ve given up trying to get stains out, so I’ve just decided that I’m going to just cover them ALL up with ruffles {don’t tell the boys!}

I’ve started on my favorite tank top here…

I took strips from my fabric stash and laid them out just to get a visual.

Posted on Instagram, asked for opinions and got a few suggestions, so I changed up the color selection a bit and started pinning.

I continued to sew my ruffles on line by line.  I didn’t have much of a plan, just went to it.  Random and imperfect is pretty much my middle name, so these ruffles are perfect in my eyes….

What do you think?

I love it!

I love that I can wear my favorite tank now instead of trashing it because of an ugly stubborn stain that I couldn’t get out.

xo Tara

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  1. I used to do this kind of stuff with my kids all the time… Except since I don’t sew I’d use fabric paint to cover the spots! 🙂

  2. Your favorite tank looks even prettier than before! I love how you have turned a tank destined for the trash bin into something folks would pay top dollar for at a fancy department store. Absolutely lovely! This makes me want to learn to sew…finally 🙂


  3. This is really cute Tara!! I love the look of the ruffles!

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