Goodwill Finds

I’ve been wanting to do this post for so long!

There have been many many great finds that I’ve scored at Goodwill.

I’ve tried to take pictures of them all, but that gets a bit much.

{My husband always asks me, why are you taking a picture of a ‘sweatshirt’}

Yes, I’m becoming one of ‘them’…. hehe

I found this sweatshirt, you may recognize the name {if not, you may have been living under a rock;)}

img 7886 Goodwill FindsThat’s right, an Abercrombie and Fitch sweatshirt!!

Only $2.00!!!

This casual jacket is a definite find right here…

img 7880 Goodwill FindsA Mystree casual jacket for ….


I’m telling you people, I can’t enough of our Goodwill!

img 7881 Goodwill FindsI LOVE LOVE LOVE the stitching

{very True Religion-esq}

img 7883 Goodwill FindsI love the detail on the hoodie!

Okay, what else…

img 6379 Goodwill FindsA silk Banana Republic blouse for $3.00

img 6401 Goodwill FindsHow about an Eddie Bauer vest for $1.50?

I have a serious problem now.

Goodwill has really ruined me.

I can’t go in to a mall and bring myself to buy anything for MYSELF.

I get sticker shock.

When I know that one day I will find the same pair of (jeans) for .99 cents.

My name is Tara and I am a Goodwill Addict.

xo Tara

© 2011, Tara. All rights reserved.

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