Goodwill Finds ~ Business Casual Attire Tops

When I went back to work a few months ago, I realized I didn’t have much in the business casual attire department in my closet.

I knew that my job was only going to be temporary and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on clothes that I’d wear for a little while.

Knowing this, I went to Goodwill and shopped … and shopped … and shopped.

A lot of times, I did hit their 50% off sales on various Saturdays, so my total shopping bill would come out to around $40 on average.

Here are some clothes I bought….

New York & Co blouse for $1.50


The cute snaps take me back a few years 😉



Ann Taylor Loft  $1.50 

So, as you can see, you can dress for the office on a TIGHT budget.

Even if you don’t have a TIGHT budget, you can still get some phenomenal pieces for next to nothing!

My husband gets ‘mad’ at me that I shop there and that I tell EVERYBODY about it, but why wouldn’t I?  The deals I get?  The money I save … him!!!  I do think he’s coming around though when he sees the Columbia, the REI, the Marmot, etc for literally an 1/8 of the price he’d pay!

Watch for more Goodwill finds coming up….

xo Tara


  1. Love Goodwill.. Even my daughter is hip on goodwill! You can really get some great deals there not only on clothes but everything! 🙂

    • Julie! Thanks for stopping by! I by a LOT of everything there too just like you! It’s my favorite shop I think … much to my husband’s dismay … LOL …
      xo Tara

  2. I gotta get out to your GW! Still drooling over that Anthro jacket from CE! 😉 Love your new look! I cannot subscribe to your site for some reason. I’ve tried since I met you but I get a bunch of funny writing. I was able to do it in a diff browser but it did not save/trnsfer to Chrome which is what I use. 🙁 Any suggestions?

    • Jen, I so wish you lived here! Do you know how much damage we’d do to these GWs? They would have no idea what hit them!
      Hmmmm…. I wish I had a suggestion about what to do, but I don’t {I’m so not a techie}. {I don’t even know what Chrome is … LOL!}
      I miss ya, roomie!!!!
      xo Tara

  3. My husband is the same way about bargain shopping! When I buy him stuff on sale I have to rip the sales tags off to get proper appreciation!

  4. Connie Haack says:

    I just bought an Ann Taylor cashmere cardigan sweater with the $128.00 price tag still on it for $1.49.
    I know alot of people turn there noses up at my bargain shopping but I don’t care. Just leaves more for me to buy and I know the money I spend goes for a good cause.

  5. haha i love that floral shirt! i bought one from primark for 8.00 and thought that was cheap!!

  6. I love Goodwill! I once scored Vera Wang! Before the Kohl’s line. I’ve moved around a bit and have noticed that the quality of what’s donated differs by locations. College towns seem to have the best Goodwill selection.

    • Jen! Goodwill is such a goldmine, isn’t it! You just never know what you’ll find when you walk through those doors!!!
      xo Tara

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