Goodwill Score … Part Deux

and carrying on….

Yeah, a Columbia Ski Jacket for the boy … $3.99 {pretty much BRAND NEW!}

goodwill finds

Columbia Ski Pants {BRAND NEW} … $3.99

goodwill finds

Can you believe the insanity?  I totally bought the oldest’s ski gear for next year for under $8.

goodwill finds

These tags say it all … Brand New.

AND…. a Snozu jacket for me {it’s a Large from the kids’ department} … $3.99 … do you know these jackets go for upwards of $50?!!!

goodwill finds

A Camo jacket for our youngest!  He loves it!!!  I’ll take it for $3.99

goodwill finds

So, you see, you can certainly clothe a family on a budget!  I bought all this winter gear AND the clothing from the previous post AND 2 candle pillars with tags on still {that were regular $49.99 EACH … got em for $4.99 each) … I bought ALL these GREAT finds for under $65!!!  That’s pretty much LESS than a pair of those American Eagle Jeans I bought!


It just makes so much sense for me to shop there.

Hope you enjoyed to Fashion Show…..

xo Tara


  1. That is awesome!

  2. kirstin @ kojodesigns says:

    Tara, I leave seeing all of your awesome Goodwill finds! Way to go friend! 🙂

  3. JaneEllen Jones says:

    Now you’re cooking and being very smart. Too bad more people won’t do what you, me and others do.
    My youngest son’s wife gets rid of everything from season to season and they don’t go to thrift stores to help other people, she throws them in the trash. When I found out she does that it made me so mad I wanted to wring her neck. I asked her why she doesn’t take things that are reuseable to thrift stores to help other people she said it’s too much trouble. Would anybody be surprised if I say she’s not my favorite person? I asked my son and he said she throws things away when he’s gone. GGGGGGrrrrr. This was years ago and my son wasn’t making good money then like he is now. I love the stuff I get at the thrift stores and so does our daughter and her family. Just cause you have the money doesn’t mean you should waste it so foolishly.

  4. Connie Haack says:

    Goodwill is just a mile away from my home and I too find so many deals there. Especially work clothes for my husband and myself. We both work in factories. I always hated buying new clothes for work for fear of ruining them at work. We don’t worry anymore. My winter coat, a down filled Esprit was 3.00 and it was New. Just can’t beat the deals.

  5. Nice finds!

  6. Don’t you love Denver Goodwill shopping?! We must have shopped side by side at some point. I will look for you! You found some amazing things!

  7. Amazing finds! I love thrift stores.
    That green jacket looks awesome!

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