Goodwill Denver's Swap & Shop Evening

Goodwill Denver’s Swap & Shop Evening

What an evening!!!!

There was ambiance, music, beautiful people …

and Goodwill Clothes!!!

IMG 5448 Goodwill Denvers Swap & Shop Evening

People brought 10 or more items they wanted to ‘exchange’ and the volunteers hung them on hangers while we were all enjoying the festivities.  After the show was over, the attendees were able to go through and choose up to 10 items they wanted for themselves.

IMG 54511 Goodwill Denvers Swap & Shop Evening

There were vendors at the show as well!  I should have gotten a picture of the food area because IT was amazing too!  Paninies, veggies, cheese bar, crackers, etc!  YUM!

And an outfit that was being raffled off … really amazing stuff here!  This is piece designed by Mondo Guerra from Project Runway {I actually like it!!!} {and I like that he was a RUNNER UP on Project Runway AND he’s a local!!!}  His mom must be SOOOOO proud of him!!!

IMG 54551 Goodwill Denvers Swap & Shop Evening

They had a trip to NEW YORK CITY as a door prize.  A gal right next to me won the trip ~~ Her name was Terri … I almost died when Denise Plant announced the beginning of her name cause I for a sec heard ‘Tara’.  But then I picked my jaw back up off the floor and carried on.

IMG 5525 Goodwill Denvers Swap & Shop Evening

Check out the back of this dress.

IMG 5540 Goodwill Denvers Swap & Shop Evening

So, here’s Mondo with the winner of the student designer fashion show, Uriel Moreno from CEC Middle College.  I’m not quite sure what he received, but the recognition alone is a wonderful gift!

IMG 54851 Goodwill Denvers Swap & Shop Evening

Then they announced the soon to be open ‘Deja Blue‘ which will be a high end Goodwill Store.  Along with the announcement came more models like this handsome dude.  Oh, and there was another…

IMG 55141 Goodwill Denvers Swap & Shop Evening

No, he wasn’t pointing towards me, his sister was in the crowd who was standing near to us.  She was so proud, it was great to see {made me miss my brother a bit actually}.  Aren’t they handsome?  Very young {to me}, but handsome… moving on…

IMG 5466 Goodwill Denvers Swap & Shop Evening

And here is the beautiful Denise Plant from Colorado & Company.  It’s not the best shot, however, it’s the best one I got of her.  Her and Lisa Hidalgo from 9News were both funny and kept the crowd engaged.  She also said that she just bought a Project Runway sewing machine {made by Brother, of course} because she wants to learn to sew!  She instantly got my attention!  Sewing, Brother … and she wants to learn!!!  I love that our generation is wanting to learn to sew!  Sew exciting!!!

Well, I had a wonderful evening!  There was a lot to take in.

I met Jeni from Goodwill Denver’s Public Relations and DeeAnna who blogs for Goodwill Denver!  It turns out that DeeAnna and I live very close … so, she is my new shopping buddy {in fact we just met up at the Goodwill near our house for some retail therapy}.  I like both of them.

xo Tara


  1. Tara,
    Thanks for the shout out! It was so great to meet a like minded thrifter. I can’t wait for future shopping excursions.

  2. I knew about this but never RSVPd or wrote it down on a calendar. I am pretty jealous that you went. I love well-organized swaps and this looked stellar!

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