Golden Globes Hangover

Hi all!

I wanted to stop in to say hello!

I feel like I was on such a HIGH last week getting all my iPhone covers done and sent off for the Golden Globes and now I’m hung over!  LOL!

The good thing is that my creative mojo is in high swing!!!

This is a pic of my studio when studio work is not in full force.  Notice how it’s so clean…

taradara studio

Which means that productivity is up in the studio!

taradara studio

So, I’m mostly doing this {above} right now … my fulfillment comes from sewing at the moment…

taradara studio

I look at my inspiration board and see things {and people} that I love and who inspire me.  It’s so freeing to have a board to pin random ‘things’ up and not have to worry about the esthetics of it.  No order … just wonderful memories and inspirations.  Since I’ve been in my studio, I’ve been looking at it more and more …

You ever go through lulls with one thing and highs with another?

Do you try to even fight or force it?

I’ve found that sometimes my blogging mojo is so high and things are working so well, but then the creative juices are lacking in the studio and my production is in the toilet.  So, I’ve learned {and accepted} to just roll with it instead of fight it.  The good thing is that if one thing is low, there’s always the other to keep me going.

… and there’s always twitter!

xo Tara


  1. YOUR. OFFICE/STUDIO. IS. ORANGE. I knew I loved you for a good reason. I love you even more now!

    And I’m so excited for all this amazing stuff happening to you. You so deserve it!! You rock.

  2. JaneEllen Jones says:

    Hi Tara Okay show off. I wish my sewing room looked that good. It’s better than what it was after a minor cleanup. At least now I can get to my sewing machine to make something if the urge calls.
    Yes I sure have gotten in a lull where the creative juices seem to be on a forever hiatus. But I too have learned to just let it ride itself out and before I know it a big creative surge starts up again. My creativity just needed a rest.
    Thanks to your encouragement I’m pursuing putting some things on Etsy in awhile. My big holdup is not having a digital camera. I’m going to look on Etsy to see how things are shown and what kinds of things, etc. I sure appreciate the time you took to send me some badly needed encouragement. If it’s ok I’ll keep you posted as to my progress.
    I’ve been busy making other things besides my dog cards. I’m going to try a variety of items, not all at once tho. Have a great week.

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