Golden Globes 2014

With the Golden Globes set to air tonight, there is a lot of anticipation and excitement.  Including what’s in the swag bags the celebrities get.

I was recently interviewed by Marketplace Business and unbeknownst to me, it was aired on NPR radio the other morning!  A sweet gal from Fons and Porter I’ve worked with in the past emailed me to say she was listening to NPR and a story came on about Golden Globe swag bags and she thought of me.  THEN, she heard my voice!!!

How crazy is that!!!!

Here’s the link to the story and to the audible of the interview.

taradara on npr

To have a chance of getting your handmade items in the award show swag bags, you can apply to get in with The Artisan Group.

The Artisan Group only accepts HANDMADE items of high caliber craftsmanship.


  1. How cool! So happy for you. Imagine–that must give you such a giddy feeling. I’d be doing a jig and singing, “Yep, that was me!”

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