Red Carpet TV interview at the GBK Golden Globe Gifting Lounge

I've been spotted!!!  Red Carpet TV was one of my first of many on camera interviews at the Gifting Lounge last week in Beverly Hills. Just wanted to share it with you quickly. Please know that I thought we were 'officially' starting when we both looked at the camera and started talking ... LOL! For more information about The Artisan Group, please visit here. … [Read more...]

Django Unchained, Shark Tank, The Newsroom, SNL: Meet Taradara

What does Django Unchained, Shark Tank, The Newsroom, and Saturday Night Live have in common? Their cast {and more} have all now held Taradara products AND they all are owners of Taradara products!! The whole Golden Globe Gifting Experience was amazing and a LOT of work.  However, it was certainly ALL worth every little bit of it. Took a look at why it is all worth it right here .... 2 of the Django Unchained cast members posed with a Taradara kindle cover Dennis Christopher from Django Unchained now actually is using this very kindle cover because he went home with it. Rex Linn poses with the same kindle cover as Dennis Christopher.  He is one tall dude {and I was in a pair of … [Read more...]

What to Wear to Golden Globes

As you can imagine, I'm starting to get pretty pumped about heading out to Beverly Hills for the Golden Globes event next week.  I've started to think about what I'm going to wear. Would you mind if I share a little fashion show I did for myself yesterday? Feel free to let me know which ones you like most ... At first, I wasn't a fan of this Gap dress.  But now, it's kind of grown on me.  I like it because it has convenient pockets and it actually looks pretty good on me {toot toot!}.  It might be a contender for a non Golden Globes event? My mother in law GAVE me this amazing number!  I love it as it's not thick fabric and it has some give to it.  It makes me feel a bit sexy as it … [Read more...]

Golden Globes is right around the Corner

If you remember last year, I participated in the GBK Productions 2012 Golden Globe Swag Bags {read about it here}.  It was very exciting and my products were photographed with 3 actors Erin Sher, Nick Wechsler, and Jason Olive {check out the sidebar and you will see their photos}. This year, I made 100 coffee cozies for the 2013 Golden Globes!  How fun!  Who know, perhaps a celeb will be photographed in People Magazine or something with their coffee and a Taradara Coffee Cozy!  That would be so cool!! Well, I have another exciting announcement to go along with Taradara products at the 2013 Golden Globes ... I WILL BE THERE!!!! Yes, I will be in the GBK Gifting Suite at the … [Read more...]

Tess Hunt and Josh Sussman say thank you!

How often are you let in to celebrity's REAL lives?  Well, I guess kind of often.  Okay. How many times do they make a video JUST FOR YOU? Tess Hunt and Josh Sussman {from Glee} made a special video to our group, The Artisan Group, showing ALL the swag they received from the Golden Globe's Gift Lounge! You can see actual pieces that everyone HAND MADE right HERE!!! Thank YOU, Tess and Josh for taking the time to make and edit and post this video for US! COMPLETELY APPRECIATED!! xo Tara Thank You Artisan Group from Tess Hunt on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

Golden Globe Photos!!!

We have 3 celebrity pictures with taradara iPhone Covers!!! One word ... YUMMY. Jason Olive is pictured here with my iPhone Cover in the Golden Globe Gift Lounge! Who is he? you ask ... You may have seen in him on "All my Children", "CSI: NY" and "CSI: Miami", "Guiding Light", "Criminal Minds", "Melrose Place"  ... and more! He is also a model apparently.  REALLY?  I LOVED the way he MODELED the taradara iPhone Cover!  Yes, yes, I do... ********* Eden Sher makes the taradara iPhone Cover look like part of her wardrobe! Eden has starred in the series, "The Middle", "Sons and Daughters", "The OC", "Weeds", and more! She looks so sweet and personable!  Someone I'd like to meet and … [Read more...]

Things to Love Right Now ….

Once upon a time .... Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! I'm very excited to share this post with you.  My jaw seriously dropped when I saw this Things to Love Right Now magazine layout! It's curated by an actor from the ABC hit TV series, "Once Upon A Time", who plays Jiminy Cricket and Dr Hopper, Raphael Sbarge!!!!  He featured a bunch of us from The Artisan Group who had their handmade items in the Golden Globe Gift Bags!!! Take a look... WHAT!!!!  This is seriously awesome!  What a great photo, too! To be in this magazine where there are the likes of Free People, Anthropology, Caffe Swimwear, and so much more is really such an unbelievable honor. WOW. Thank you. xo Tara … [Read more...]