Going to the Golden Globes!!! Taradara’s first press interview!!!

Oh wow!  It’s so amazing to see this, I had to share it with you!!

I contacted The Journal back home in Canada about the exciting changes and happenings for my business, taradara.  They published the story in today’s paper!!

The best part is that I actually kept it a secret from my family and friends back home!!  {huge hurdle!!!  My excitement overcomes me at times}.  So, my mom got the paper and there I was!  Her girl in print!

taradara{photography by Farrah Jobling Photography}

Oh, and ASS stands for Ashcroft Secondary School … LOL!  {for real}

So exciting!!!!  Looking forward to more!!

xo Tara


  1. Congrats! Great article!

  2. Look at you! So exciting!! I’m so proud of you:)

  3. congrats girl!! that is SOOO exciting!!!!

  4. This is so exciting!!! Congratulation on a job well done! Doing what you love is the key!

  5. Wowww!! Congrats! Excellent job!

  6. I’m just so proud of you!

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