Fun in the LEAVES!!!!!!!

I love Fall!

The beautiful foliage!  The brilliant colors of the leaves changing!  And….

Boys playing with the fallen leaves!!!!

IMG 2266 Fun in the LEAVES!!!!!!!IMG 2259 Fun in the LEAVES!!!!!!!IMG 2209 Fun in the LEAVES!!!!!!!IMG 2283 Fun in the LEAVES!!!!!!!

They even got to bury DAD!!!!

IMG 2298 Fun in the LEAVES!!!!!!!IMG 2301 Fun in the LEAVES!!!!!!!“I’m okay!”


How are you enjoying the fall season?

Are you able to still go out and play?

Or has the cold or snow already arrived?

xo Tara


  1. Nikki Kelly says:

    Ugh, the snow is supposed to come tomorrow. I’m never ready for it. :(

  2. Nikki! I know it! BRRRR…. not looking forward to taking the boy to school tomorrow…..

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