Finished the spindles!!!

Just wanted to pop in share some pics of the spindles that I recently knocked out!

…And a bit of my Canadian roots…

img 7893 Finished the spindles!!!before

img 7988 Finished the spindles!!!AFTER


A fresh coat of paint sure does make a difference, doesn’t it!!

Oh, and how about a pic of me representin’

img 8004 Finished the spindles!!!Canada style!!!

{I think I’m singing Oh Canada here}


Okay, my fellow Americans…

img 8014 Finished the spindles!!!PEACE.

Your turn is in 2 days….

icon smile Finished the spindles!!!

xo Tara

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  1. You did a terrific job!! I love how updated they look with the white paint!

    Have a great day my friend!!



    Tara Reply:

    Thanks, Jen! Thanks for stopping by, you busy busy gal! I don’t know how you do it!!
    xo Tara


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