I Shaved my Head

She shaved her head to raise money for childhood cancer research. What an inspiration

Yes, it’s so very very true!  My shoulder length, thick but fine, soft, dark hair is gone.  I shaved my head to raise money for Children’s Cancer research through the St Baldricks Foundation.   The Fado Pub location raised over $415,000 by 600 participants!  That is crazy! Here is a picture of me and my [Read On]

Shaving my head

Head shaving is about to happen

Yes, you read that right. St Baldricks Day is coming up. What is St Baldricks? Take a look… You can help. Donate … or join our team and shave your head too! This is something that is very exciting for me.  We have a little 6 year old boy at my boys’ school who is [Read On]

Sleep Problems? Try the Sleep Fairy for your kiddos!

Sleep problems for your kids?  Try the Sleep Fairy!!  She

Some nights are hard for my boys to go to bed. {hold me! and grab me a glass of wine}  Some nights make me want to scream! {tell me I’m not alone} A pediatric occupational therapist gave me this ah-mazing idea.  She actually did it with her kiddos. Meet … THE SLEEP FAIRY! Oh, she’s [Read On]

Cleaning the house

House cleaning

I just HAD to share this cute series of pictures of my boys cleaning. Not sure about you, but it is sooooooooooooooo hard to get my boys who are 6 and 8 now to do anything around the house WITHOUT pulling teeth or some crazy incentives {aka bribery} … yes we have a chore chart. [Read On]

Taradara on Rachael Ray

Taradara has her ‘debut’ on the Rachael Ray show cooking up one of the Top 10 Recipes of 2013 as

Silhouette Black Friday Deals + Christmas Craft

Easy Canvas Holiday craft with Silhouette

Silhouette is having an AH-MAZING BLACK FRIDAY SALE!!! It’s their BIGGEST EVER!!! {be sure to use “TARA” as your coupon code} If you’re thinking of buying a Silhouette or getting supplies, this is the time to jump on it!!    So, I made a little Christmas Themed canvas wall hanging using my Silhouette Vinyl. Here’s [Read On]

HyperWear review

I’m wearing my HyperWear vest and showing exercises you can do with HyperWear sandbells. I really do love these

Boy’s Birthday party idea

Mission Impossible Laser Game

We had my youngest’s 6th Birthday Party recently.  It’s a challenge for me to find games for young boys to play that they won’t find boring or ‘stupid’.  Totally nailed this one! All you need is a roll of crepe paper {you can get them at any party store, craft store, Target, or Walmart}.  Some [Read On]

A Football Coach’s Speech

Boys in football

The boy had some really nice comments from his coach.  So proud of this athletic boy.  He has certainly delivered by just being himself.  I really wonder where his journey will take him. Like, I really really wonder. He’s got this fire, but it’s so innocent and not quite discovered within just yet… I am [Read On]

Boys in Football

Deciding to put your son in tackle football is a hard decision.  Many pros and cons, read how this mom made her decision to do it.

As I sit here watching my 5 year old boy practice with his football team.  I wonder to myself, why did I agree to this? At first, I really had a LOT of reservations and did not want my young 5 year old exposed to tackle football at such an early age, flag football, yes [Read On]

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