Family Pajamas GIVEAWAY!!!

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This is a relatively new tradition to my family and I.  Getting matching family pajamas every fall for the holiday season.

We love having them and although the boys grow out of them generally by the next year, I get to wear mine till they get holes in them *wink*

Stay Cozy & Warm This Winter With Pajama's From

They’ll get there one day too, I’m sure.  In any case, we got our family pajamas through this year!

Win a set of 5 Family Pajamas from and Sleepyheads.comWe got our package and all of us changed out of our daytime clothes in to our PJs, I think it was only 7pm??  Cracked me up.

The even funnier thing is that these are the ‘Frozen’ line of pajamas, although the boys like the movie; the song “Let it go” drives them bonkers.  Well, we were watching Frozen while I opened the box and that song came on and they scattered as I always break out into song when it comes on {que stretch body and hands up to the sky}.  They so love my singing {not} and they so love that song {not}.  Anyways, they came back to me cause they were curious to see what was in the box, of course.

So, I was trying to get a picture of the boys with their ‘Frozen’ pjs on … and this is what I got.  Tell me I’m not alone.

Win a set of family pajamas! Don't pass this up!! #giveawayA little secret about my oldest, he doesn’t like to wear PJs much anymore.  Well, he wore these ones to bed and slept all night in them.  The flannel of these pajamas are so soft and cozy, you’d be silly to get out them.

Then they straightened out and gave me this…

Win a set of family pajamas! Don't pass this up!! #giveaway want to GIVE you a set of family pajamas for 5!

(up to $180 value!!)

Win a set of family pajamas! Don't pass this up!! #giveaway

How amazing is that?!!!  This is so cool and generous!

Look at the choices of the family pajamas that are a part of this giveaway

This might be the way a family starts their family pajama tradition.

Whoever wins this prize will be so pleased at the quality of the pajamas!  I cannot wait to announce the winner!!!  LOL!

Okay, go enter, will ya!


We are STILL wearing our pajamas 3 days later!!!  We put them on any chance we get.  I swear, you need to enter this giveaway!!
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  1. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  2. My favorite family Christmas tradition is going to a tree farm and cutting down our tree.

  3. Love ALL the styles!

  4. My fav tradition is having our son home, putting up the ornaments from my childhood, his childhood and selecting one new ornament each year to represent that year or the location we live in at that time…….

  5. Going downtown Christmas Eve.

  6. Our street, during the holidays, is part of the route for horse drawn carriage rides… you can hear the sleigh bells first, then the hoofs… There’s something magical about this still happening… a reminder to slow life in this busy world. Love it.

  7. jessica w says:

    we make cookies as a family and open gifts on the evening of the 24th

  8. Tina Garczynski says:

    We love going into the mountains and cutting our own tree. We make a whole day out of it.

  9. Now that my children don’t live with me, we just enjoy being together and laying around taking time off school and work.

  10. Angella L says:

    Even though I have teenagers now they still love to make reindeer food 🙂

  11. making cookies!

  12. Michelle Eyring says:

    My Favorite holiday tradition would have to be waking all of my children up super early Christmas morning and all gathering around out (fake) fireplace to enjoy the beginning of unwrapping gifts 🙂

  13. Our favorite holiday tradition is simple! We love cooking traditional food; decorating the Christmas tree and the windows together
    Thank You for the great giveaway!!

  14. Today being Halloween, my favorite holiday tradition is taking the kids trick or treating.

  15. megan tilley says:

    This will be our first year as a family so we hope to start some traditions! I have always made Christmas morning rolls on Christmas morning!


  17. Crissie Woolard says:


  18. ellen beck says:

    We love going out and seeing all the Christmas lights. Driving and sipping cocoa especially on a snowy night and seeing them sparkle is always a tradition.

  19. we get together on Christmas Eve to sing songs, eat, and have fun

  20. My favorite holiday tradition is Christmas tree hunting with my family!

  21. Baking gingerbread.

  22. My sister and I have a polar express night, Cookies, special homemade hot coca, while watching Polar Express of course…so much fun! We look forward to it every year!

  23. We buy new jammies and a Christmas book to open on Christmas Eve before getting things ready for Santa and going to bed. It’s a fun tradition!

  24. I like baking goodies for friends and neighbors.

  25. My favorite holiday tradition is watching my kids open up their stockings.

  26. Jillian T says:

    We love decorating gingerbread houses on Christmas Eve as a family.

  27. jenn giannetto says:

    we go to the dollar store every year together to pick a a few new ornaments to add to the tree

  28. Heather C. says:

    We don’t really have any real traditions although we don’t usually have Christmas on Christmas day. We have a family Christmas (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc) so it’s hard to get together right on Christmas since people work. Usually we don’t have our Christmas until January.

    However, my hubby, the kids and I all have open presents here on Christmas morning.

  29. My favorite tradition is going to the candlelight service on Christmas eve. Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. Our family Christmas tradition is to have cinnamon buns on Christmas morning. Hubby makes them the day before, so we just heat them up after we’ve opened the stockings.

  31. I love the frozen set! Looks so cozy!

  32. Looking at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve

  33. My favorite holiday tradition is opening presents on Christmas morning.

  34. During the week of Christmas we like to sit down and watch a different Christmas movie every night, One night we will have popcorn, another hot coco, another Ice cream, ect.

  35. Kristy Hughes says:

    My favorite tradition is opening up pjs on Christmas Eve. It’s not my kid’s favorite, but it’s fun to see them dressed in their new PJ’s and getting ready for bed– so they can get up early and open their presents!

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