facebook, twitter, blog … oh my!

Well, here I am world … ready to share my craft and my love of sewing to y’all!  I recently returned from The Creative Connection event in Minnesota (it was great to talk with the locals as it felt like I was at home … minus them saying ‘eh’).  I quickly learned that I had a LOT of homework to do upon my arrival home.  So, I already had a Facebook page for taradara … and an Etsy store … but, that was it.

So here I am, creating my first blog post.  It really isn’t that hard to create a blog, however, I get caught up in the design and how I want my page to look; it took me a while to decide the look, and now I have to also learn how to optimize everything else.  I haven’t sat at my sewing machine yet since coming home, I’ve been doing all my ‘tech-y’ homework.  Almost as if I’m telling my kids that they have to get their homework done before they can go play … I’m mirroring that with my  diligence in getting my computer stuff up and going.

The Creative Connection was certainly an investment for my business.  The event was so well rounded in that it had Etsy educators, bloggers, entrepreneurs, fabric designers … you name it, it was there.  It so wonderful to be around over 300 women with different stories, but with common goals.  I found a fire in my belly that I haven’t felt in some time.  I left the event with so much drive and eagerness to get home and start applying what I had learned.  So, there’s no way but up from here!  And I’m soooooo excited!

I really do believe that my dream of having a successful home run creative business is going to come to fruition.  Many women started exactly where I am right now.  And many of them are successful.  I will be too.


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