Fabric Feature Friday ~ Goodbye snakes, Hello Kindle and Passport covers

Yes, Friday is about over … and is already past for some … but as the saying goes … better late than never!

I’m sorry to say the fun cuddly slithery snakes are going back to their cave for a few months ….

They will be released when the weather is a bit warmer {and I’ve made more!!!}

Thank you to EVERYONE who bought one for their loved ones!!!  T

hey are so fun to share with people as I know how much my boys love them …

and how much love to attack eachother {and me} with them!!!

If you’re in the Arizona area, there will be a few available at the Creative Estates Handmade Market in April!!!

Here are a few new releases that I’d love to share with you…

A fun, whimsical, and sophisticated {hmmm…. whimsical and sophisticated in the same sentence … that’s me!} kindle/nook cover.

I’ve some requests for black, white and red … so, here it is, folks!

You can take a closer look and purchase this lovely here.

Traveling in your future?

How’s about a new passport cover?


I love mine as it distinguishes mine from the rest of my crew immediately!

Pick this one up for yourself, or for someone who loves the colors here.

My friend, Meghan from The Tuckers Take Tennessee, LOVES hers!!!  You can see what she had to say about hers here.

Don’t forget, Meghan has a giveaway on her blog for a $25 store credit to my store …

as well as a generous discount {code} you can use till next week. {you might want to check it out, for real}

Don’t forget to take a gander at my stores to see what’s new since you were last there!

Etsy …. Big Cartel

Okay, friends, have a great weekend!!!

I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow morning … wish me luck!!!

xo Tara


  1. Jennifer Ray says:

    Cute items! I wish I would have known about the snakes, can’t wait for the warm weather to bring them back out to play!

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