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What’s new?

Hope you had a GREAT Mother’s Day last Sunday!  Did you get spoiled?  I did … more on that later…

So, I’ve got a few iPad covers and cool wallets that are new in the shop this week….

How about this pretty …

img 6270 Fabric Feature FridayDo you love it and have to have it?

You can, just click here

Okay, how about this one?  A bit different than the one above…

img 6237 Fabric Feature FridayIf this one is more your style

Simply go here to snag it up for yourself {or someone you love}

I’m digging the fabrics used in this iPad cover.  What do you think?

img 6227 Fabric Feature FridayI love the ‘starbursts’ in the muted grey!  

Oh, and how about these chairs with random yellow birds perched?

Click here to carry it away to protect your beloved iPad!

Moving on to the wallets that might suit your fancy…

img 6305 Fabric Feature FridayOh my, I absolutely LOVE these chairs!

Why not get a matching {but not too matchy matchy} wallet to your iPad cover?

Here is where you can pick it up and get a better look at it.

You can visit either store to see what else is new!


I do hope you all have a great weekend!!!

What are you up to?  

I’m hosting a crafty night tomorrow!  We’re going to learn how to knit!!!  One of my gracious friends has offered to teach us what she knows!  She says it’s not much … but it’s a whole lot more than what I know about knitting!!!

xo Tara

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