Fabric Feature Friday!

I thought I’d share a wallet with you today….

I absolutely love these wallets!!!  I seriously get compliments on my personal wallet EVERY time I bring it out …

Which is easy advertising … so I always make sure to have a business card handy

{in a separate card holder … that I made … ahem}

And hand my card out.


I know people love to feel, touch, and see the product before they buy …

{that’s the challenge with selling primarily online}

So, I always try to take the opportunity to hand my card out to those who have seen my products in person

{and hope they will go to my store(s) and purchase one for themselves}


So, here we go….

The outside front is so colorful!!!


Here’s a portion of the back.  I love these new and improved flowers!!!

The stitching goes to unnoticed, until you point it out to people …

{And then they think it’s so cool that my sewing machine can do that!}


Then, we have the fun and colorful inside!!!

Just because it isn’t seen all the time doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fun, too, right?!

Choosing the inside fabric is almost as fun as designing the outside.


I want people to say, ‘Oh wow’, when they open up my wallets.

Something unexpected.

Something interesting.

Something intriguing.



See what my friend, Ruthanne from Eclectic Whatnot, had to say about her wallet here.

This is the one she got in February…

{she took this great shot!!!}




You can purchase this featured wallet here.


you can go to my stores to see other products you might like




Have a great weekend!!!!

xo Tara


  1. I am so glad to have met you this weekend you are such a talented woman!

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