Fabric Feature Friday!!!!

Friday is here again!!!

{this work thing is sure making the weeks FLY by even faster than they did before!}

In just a few weeks, I will be at the Creative Estates conference in Phoenix, AZ.

…. and I’ll be selling my wares…

So what does that mean?

Well, I’m going to be bringing pretty much ALL my inventory {because I’m going to sell it ALL} …

positive foresight.  positive thinking.  positive vibes.

So, what it means is that if YOU have had your eye on something, you might want to buy it so it doesn’t get sold.

And to HELP you do that, I’m offering YOU a 20% discount for this week!!!!!!!

Not only that, but it’s SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spring makes me HAPPY so I want to share my HAPPINESS with YOU!!!!!

Use discount code ‘SPRING20’ at checkout and SAVE 20%

How about some pictures of some pieces that you might be adoring right now….

This iPad cover was recognized by Sheposts.com

She put it in her #1 spot!!!!  What an honor!!!!

But it could by yours … take a look…

Snatch this iPad Cover up NOW!!!


Or, you might need something PRETTY to put your photos in …

How about this Moda Fabric covered Brag Book

You want this Brag book? Get it here.


Maybe you’ve been watching this Cup Cozy for a bit …

Go get it….

Don’t wait … 20% off!!!!  No reason not to get it!

While you’re there … you need a cover for your Kindle or your Nook

And look, it matches the cup cozy….

Owls + Polka dots = FUN!

Don’t miss it, get it here.



Okay, friends, there’s a lot to choose from.

Please, if you see something you like and don’t want to miss out, go on over

and SAVE 20% with ‘SPRING20’

at both stores


Big Cartel

{discount expires April 1, 2011}


xo Tara




  1. Sue Harrison says:

    Thanks for the ideas about the Kindle.you are clever . Every one has one now do u make bigger sizes for I Pad users?

  2. Sue Harrison says:

    Whoops thereyoudo have iPad covers. My bad!

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