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Etsy shop spotlight
What do you make/sell on Etsy?

I design wire wrapped gemstone jewelry using Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Filled, 14K Rose Gold Filled and Brass. Though I mainly focus on precious/semiprecious gemstones, I also incorporate some Swarovski Crystal and glass from time to time as well as a few unique or vintage pieces. Most of my designs are simple, clean and versatile making them great for everyday wear. I love what I do and I adore each and every customer that passes through my shop.

When did you start doing your craft?
I have been a DIY-er my entire life, and that included making my own jewelry or modifying jewelry that I received growing up. I started wire wrapping specifically sometime in 2004 so it has been about 8 years now.  However, there were a few years in there that I was on hiatus due to a major surgery and also after my first son was born. He was (and still is) not much of a sleeper and suffers from night terrors or nightmares frequently so I burn a lot of midnight oil (and I wouldn’t trade it for anything).
 Etsy shop spotlight
Who/what inspires you?
Everything. My family, friends, fashion, nature, books, food and even my kids inspire me. My 4 year old son has even played a part in some of my designs.

Where do you create?

Right now, I create in my living room a lot.  We have a smaller home and the room that would include my studio is currently occupied by my 1 1/2 yr old son. I currently have a very organized collection of storage containers and a tray & table that I use as my workspace at night. The best part is that I can work and still hang out with my husband.
 Etsy shop spotlight
What’s your biggest challenge owning an online store?
At the moment, the biggest challenge is making it as pretty as I want it to be. Photography and I have always been at odds and I am going to go ahead and give my dad the credit for that. He touts his photography skills, but all our photos of school plays and events growing up have heads missing and half-stage shots or other people’s kids (hilarious though). It’s a constant work in progress, but I feel images are vital to online success…especially in a category like jewelry.
How do you promote your store?
This is also something I’m still learning to do.  I promote on facebook/twitter, through word of mouth, advertising on blogs and participating in giveaways. I’m always looking for new ways to advertise/promote. I’m also part of The Artisan Group, which offers wonderful exposure and opportunity.
 Etsy Shop spotlight
What advice would you give to other Etsy store owners?
I still feel like I’m in the learning stages, but one piece of advice I would give is to continue seeking knowledge in areas where you feel you need it, from SEO to promotions, photography, display, etc. Also, be willing to roll with changes on Etsy or at any venue where you sell. Sometimes that will be really frustrating but if it affects your shop, figure out how to make it work for you. There will always be changes.
Last but certainly not least, outstanding Customer Service is so essential. I try to convey how valued my customers are with each and every transaction.
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Etsy Shop Spotlight


  1. JaneEllen Jones says:

    Love the spotlight, gorgeous gemstones. I’ve always loved gemstones, how the colors flash in the light. Gemstone jewelry is one of very favorites. She sure has her hands full with two very young little boys, but still creates when she can.

  2. Thank you for the feature Tara! It was such an honor 🙂

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