Etsy Shop Spotlight – Miss Belle’s {+ a discount code!}

 etsy shop spotlight

When did you start doing your craft? I’ve been crafty my whole life, but professionally – about 3 years ago.

Who inspired you? My crafty friends and illustration buddies from college.

Where do you create?  What surroundings get your creative juices flowing? I recently moved into a townhouse with an extra room just for me and my crafts.

I’m surrounded in felt, stuffing, and all the supplies I need to craft – as well as my two very curious kitties!

 etsy shop spotlight

What is your favorite piece to create and why? I love making mustaches. I have no idea why. I suppose that I am fascinated with them, perhaps because I can’t grow one myself. This may or may not be a healthy obsession.

What’s your biggest challenge owning an online store? The upkeep – staying relevant in the top pages of a search is a full time job on it’s own.

How do you promote your store? Via Facebook, twitter, and handing out my business cards at shows and expos.

etsy shop spotlight

What advice would you give to other Etsy Store owners? Post at least one new item to your shop every day. If I could find the time to do this, I definitely would.

COUPON CODE: MOVEMBER2011 (20% off on mustache related items!)

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Twitter handle: @misslisabelle



  1. ha! those moustaches are great!

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