Etsy Shop Spotlight – Liz Loves Vintage

Etsy Shop Spotlight

Liz Loves Vintage

How many of you know that Etsy not only has handmade shops, but has VINTAGE shops as well?

Well, if you love VINTAGE, you will enjoy today’s Spotlight!

I would first like to start off by thanking Tara for featuring: LizlovesVintage.
It’s not everyday that you get recognized for your creativity.
Thanks a bunch!
etsy shop spotlight
etsy shop spotlight
I started Collecting in the mid 80’s. My Hubby and I moved from Westchester,
NY to Upstate, NY. Going to Fleas and Yard Sales in my area was a past- time.
Fleas, then became a Family out thing. Who can’t resist a hot pretzel? That was my
selling point. I can say now, my kids love the flea. Hot pretzel anyone?
My best friend inspired me to open my Etsy shop. She believed I could do it with
ease since, I had a great eye for Vintage. With much apprehension. I decided to take
the plunge. LizlovesVintage opened in May, 2010. But, WAIT!! I registered with Etsy
and did absolutely nothing. That’s right. Anxiety, self doubt and afraid of well who knows?
Then, my Husband lost his job. This gave me the push I needed even more.
LizlovesVintage opened in May, 2011. Officially!
Without a doubt, my Friend Stephanie was so right. Thanks for believing in me Friend.
Your the best!!
 etsy shop spotlight
I collect many things: Ironstone, Tins, Cameos, Silver, Ephemera, Lace, Milk Glass.
The list goes on… Only if I owned a bigger house. That would be ideal!
Creative juices flow constantly for me. It’s like being a dress Designer, for instance.
Accessories can finish a look all together. That’s how I feel about going to the Flea. First,
I get a adrenaline rush. I starts when I’m on the Highway. Go knows I speed to get there.
Coffee, Camera, Cart. I’m good to go. Then, it’s the thrill of finding new Vintage treasures
without breaking the bank. Finally, I put it all together with photography. It’s amazing
what I’ve learned in such a short period of time. Lastly, blogging incorporates my little world of
Vintageness. My wheels are always turning… When is the next Flea?
The best challenge for me so far is the postal system. Yup! I’m getting it slowly.
I’m very glad I don’t work there. Ha, Ha!
etsy shop spotlight
 I promote my shop on several social media sites.
Facebook: Elizabeth Hanley
Pinterest : Elizabeth Hanley
At this time, I’m still learning the ropes. My advice to new shop owners is
to take things slow. Talk to Friends and Family members who do have a
shop. Take notes. Explore existing shops on Etsy. No need to rush things
when you are not ready to commit. It is a job but, a fun one I might add.


  1. love it, i have a vintage shop on Etsy too, i reallllllly need a bigger house for all my stuff!!

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