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EE Booth Photo 2011 Etsy Shop Spotlight   Elegantly Eclectic
What do you make/sell on Etsy? I make hand beaded “more than coffee scoops”, hand beaded antique silver serving pieces and tea cup bird feeders. I also make a line of hand beaded wedding cake sets that I hope to get up on Etsy soon.
Coffee Scoop Etsy Shop Spotlight   Elegantly Eclectic
When did you start doing your craft? Early 2008. I had been laid off the Monday after Thanksgiving in 2007 and had to make Holiday gifts. They were a big hit and in January I approched a gallery I love and talk to them about carrying my products. They did and it grew from there.
Who/what inspires you? I am really inspired by color and texture. I am also really inspired by the places I have traveled and look at those photos for continued inspiration. For example the water in Key West or the temples in India.
Pie Server Etsy Shop Spotlight   Elegantly Eclectic

Where do you create? All over, but mostly at my kitchen table. It is right next to the french doors that look out onto an amazing view of the mountains and forest. It is the best corner office ever!

What’s your biggest challenge owning an online store? Taking good photos and writing a description that explains what the items is and how to use it. Trying to tell a story and engage the customer with out sounding preachy or long winded.
gold and pear tea cup1 1 Etsy Shop Spotlight   Elegantly Eclectic
How do you promote your store? I try and promote it with the usual social media (facebook and twitter). I also make sure that I let my customers at events know that I have an online store with more inventory. I ma also a member of a few Etsy teams and try and promote that way.
What advice would you give to other Etsy store owners?Etsy is more work than simply throwing some photos up and waiting for the sales to roll in. You definitely have to be active on Etsy and build connections. When some one hearts my shop or items i look at their shop and show them some love. I also think it is a good idea to sell in more than one place than online. I also sell at craft fairs and farmers markets. A lot of my Etsy sales this year was from people who met me at a show and bought more of my products for the Holidays.

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  1. Jenny~Elegantly Eclectic says:

    Looks awesome!!! Thank you so much for putting together, I really appreciate it!

  2. JaneEllen Jones says:

    Hi there Those beaded utensils are so pretty. Just having them out to look at would be enuf to cheer anybody up. I’ll maybe try to dress up my coffee scoop or cake server but not sure it’ll look anything like that.

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