Etsy Shop Spotlight – Charmed Design

What do you make/sell on Etsy?

I create wrap bracelets using silk ribbon, satin cord, and leather. All of my designs use charms and stones that have symbolic meanings.

etsy shop spotlight When did you start doing your craft?

A little over two years ago, I unexpectedly became quite ill and in fact, came very close to dying.  Though the illness caused me to lose my job, home, and life, as I knew it, surviving such a near death experience has made me feel blessed and believe that I am indeed – CHARMED. Hence my name, charmed design.

While ill, I began to make bracelets as a sort of ‘therapy,’ a way to stay positive and be constructive. After a while, I had a pile of pretty bracelets and decided to open up shop on Etsy… The rest, as they say, is history.

I now work full time designing and promoting my jewelry line. I have been very lucky to enjoy continued success as my sales grow every month. Not only do I sell on Etsy, but also my designs are now found in galleries and shops throughout the US.

etsy shop spotlight Who/what inspires you?

More than anything, my jewelry reflects my experience and love for life. I am inspired by exploring the fascinating world of symbols that have traditionally surrounded and directed us. I share this by using meaningful charms and stones in my work. Each piece is designed to be beautifully unique and full of meaning and spirit.

Where do you create? 

I’ve pretty much overtaken our living and dining room area for creating, storage, and packaging. Hoping one day soon to move somewhere where I will have a space all of my own.

 etsy shop spotlightWhat’s your biggest challenge owning an online store?

Not being able to meet my customers face to face is quite a challenge, especially when designing custom pieces.


How do you promote your store?

I promote my store anywhere and everywhere I can. I have a blog, Facebook page, Twitter account. I am a member of a couple of promotion teams on Etsy, which I think helps a lot, I am also a member of a treasury team. I post my items to social bookmarking sites when I list them on Etsy, such as Pinterest. Not only is Pinterest addicting, posting my items there brings my shop a good amount of views.

 etsy shop spotlight

What advice would you give to other Etsy store owners? 

First, follow your dream and don’t give up. There is no better feeling than having a customer want something you created! When selling online, have great photographs, take the time to promote, and treat every customer like he or she was the first.

Second, take it a step at a time. I know the ins and outs of running a small business may seem overwhelming, but Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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 etsy shop spotlight


  1. I’ve enjoyed this very much. I love the colors and embellishments you use.

  2. awww what a super cute shop! i could sure use more bracelets in my jewelry collection!!

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