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Etsy Shop Spotlight

Anna Delores Photography
etsy shop spotlight What do you create/sell?   I am a photographer!  Most of what I sell in my Etsy shop are photography prints, but I also have calendars, notecards and postcards, as well as photo jewelry.  I also started offering gift certificates in time for the holidays.  : )

When did you start doing your craft?  I got my first camera (a purple plastic 110 film Kodak) before I was 10 years old and I’ve been obsessed ever since.  I was always the girl at parties, restaurants, family gatherings, and vacations taking photographs of EVERYTHING to the point where people would yell, “Emily, quit taking so many pictures!”  I’m glad I ignored their advice!  I got a lot more serious about it this past year when I got my first DSLR camera.

Who inspired you?  In terms of my current photography, my cousin Kristen inspired me most.  She’s had a fancy Canon for years and I’ve always been amazed by both her creative eye and technical execution (and she just does it for the pure fun of it).  She takes a ton of photos of her two-year-old daughter and they’re just breathtaking.  My envy of her talent inspired me to get more serious about my photography.

etsy shop spotlightWhere do you create?  What surroundings get your creative juices flowing?  Photoshop is a huge source of creativity for me!  In terms of subject matter, though, I am happiest with my camera in a new city with plenty of time to wander around.  Some of my favorite photos have come from random moments on the streets of Los Angeles, Vienna, Paris, Rome…

etsy shop spotlightWhat is your favorite piece to create and why?  Every single photograph sold makes me incredibly happy.  I am always excited to see which print the buyer has selected.  All my images are like my little babies sent out into the world, and when someone likes them enough to add their to their homes, I’m simply elated.  I hope that feeling never goes away (I honestly don’t think it will).
etsy shop spotlightWhat’s your biggest challenge owning an online store?  Patience, patience, patience.  I think the best piece of advice I got in terms of promoting my Etsy shop was that “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” meaning it’s impossible to build the greatness you might aspire to with work that can be finished quickly.  It takes time to edit photos, list items, write descriptions, set up Twitter and Facebook accounts, create blog posts… right now I’m learning about SEO and sometimes I feel frustrated because there is so much to learn and I don’t always have the patience for it—I LOVE instant gratification, but I try to remind myself that most things worth doing aren’t usually comprised of the easiest or fastest tasks.
How do you promote your store?  I have a Facebook page and a Twitter page that I keep as focused on Anna Delores Photography as possible; I also have a blog that I allow myself a bit more flexibility with, though it tends to focus on the handmade/indie artist community and photography in general.  I also get involved in Etsy teams and also have online shops on Society6, Artist Rising, and Zibbet in an effort to reach as wide an audience as possible.
etsy shop spotlightWhat advice would you give to other Etsy Store owners?  To have patience!  I think a solid balance of patience and competitiveness can be very conducive to business success, or at least it has been for me.  I try to be patient so that I minimize my own frustrations in “building my brand” and promoting my work, but feeling competitive with other Etsy sellers and artists gives me something to aspire to (lots of sales, “brand” recognition, etc.).  I think keeping an open mind, staying positive, and taking advantage of all opportunities to promote your shop (without being spammy!  There’s a fine line) are important components of Etsy success and business.  Also, pay attention to what’s working for other sellers and try those things out; shed the things that aren’t working for YOU!
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  1. oh what lovely work! great feature on a wonderful artist ♥

  2. Thanks to you both! Tara, awesome feature — many thanks to you!! 🙂

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