Elitch Gardens Opens May 3!

Visitors and Denverites look forward to summer time cause that means the opening of Elitch Gardens, America’s only Downtown Theme and Water Park!!!  Ah yeah!!!!

It seems different this year for me because the boys are getting older and I actually want to bring them with me to Elitch Gardens.  In the past, I may have been guilty of sneaking away with my girlfriends and leaving the kids at home … or maybe not.  I love my boys but sometimes Moms have to have theme park fun too!  But now that they have matured and grown up, it will be MORE fun to come ride the rides together.

Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park in DenverCheck out my momma friend (and fellow Canuck!), Amber from Mile High Mamas!  We may have had a LOT of fun on the newest thrill ride, Brain Drain!

The boy and I below waiting for his favorite ride to start…

Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park in DenverThis leads me to the greatness of Elitch Gardens!  It’s such a great place for families and for adults alike.  A great place to make summer memories with your kids and equally great for memorable date nights!  I mean check out the picture below.  Everything about the park including the cloud formations above just works.

Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park in Denver

There is a NEW RIDE at Elitch’s … The Brain Drain.  It’s look is deceiving, a big green ring standing on end with a coaster train in the center.  What’s the big deal about that?  Well, it goes around and around, it hangs riders upside down, and changes it up and changes direction and shuttles riders backwards.  The Brain Drain is a ride that will bring people back to the line up as soon as they get off it.  Yeah, one of THOSE rides!

Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park in DenverOur oldest anticipating the excitement!

We were lucky enough to spend some time with VIPs to celebrate Elitch Gardens 124th Birthday!  Did you know it used to be a zoo?  Yeah, who knew?!  Check out the tasty colorful birthday cake below with the Brain Drain ride decorating the top!

Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park in DenverAnd … you never know who you’ll run into.  Local Denver ‘celebs’ such as this beauty and hilariously funny morning radio show host, Jamie White, from Alice 105.9!  We also may have ran in Kevin Torres from 9 News…

Jaime White at Elitch Gardens in DenverGet your season’s pass for $69.00 with all the fixins!  Free parking, 3 free bring a friend tickets, unlimited access to the water and theme park, plus much more.

Have fun this summer!!!


** Disclaimer: I was provided passes for this event.  All photos and opinions are my own.


  1. Elitch’s! I remember many a summer spent at the old one…There was something nostalgic about that place. I’ve been to the new one once when I returned home for a visit…

    • Lisa, I’m hoping to create those same summer memories for our boys at Elitch’s. They LOVED their first time there. I love going there with my girlfriends on ‘girls night out’ nights. xo

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