Easy Dessert Recipe – Delightful Whip! Yummay!

I’m all for easy recipes.  This is one area where I wish I were better at like some of my friends, recipes.  We get in to a habit and have the same ol’ thing week after week.  UNTIL, an easy recipe is introduced to me!!  Behold!  Delight Whip, a super easy adjunct to any dessert that requires whip cream.  A new dish for my family and friends!

IMG 2157 Easy Dessert Recipe   Delightful Whip!  Yummay! This recipe calls for {are you ready for this??}

2 ingredients!!!

{I know, I can hardly stand it}

Heavy Whipping Cream – 1 Cup

International Delight coffee creamer {any flavor} – 1/2 Cup

Mix on high with an electric mixer until you’ve reached the consistency that is spreadable.  Be sure not to over beat.

IMG 2135 Easy Dessert Recipe   Delightful Whip!  Yummay!IMG 2137 Easy Dessert Recipe   Delightful Whip!  Yummay!IMG 2140 Easy Dessert Recipe   Delightful Whip!  Yummay! So, okay, I’m a bit busted here because I didn’t beat it long enough.  A good friend came over to give me a hug and to see if I was alright {we put our dog down yesterday}.

HOWEVER!!!  It still went on the strawberries just fine!

IMG 2145 Easy Dessert Recipe   Delightful Whip!  Yummay! Put this on top of your strawberries.  You’ll have some happy campers!!

Well, if you choose to share it!

Oh, it’s like a healthy cinnamon bun going down the hatch with your fruit!  No harm, right!

Now, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!!!

Did I happen to mention that I am all about EASY recipes?  Yes, yes I did.  And I love EASY dessert recipes!!!

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