Easiest spray paint update ever – Make your bathroom elegant

Spray Paint is your friend!!!

We buy the generic toilet bowl scrubber, the toilet plunger, the bathroom trash can.  Some can be very nice if you pay for it but for those on a budget, we buy the generic white plastic ones.  I love spray paint, it’s no secret…

Make generic plastic bathroom "tools" elegant in minutes! Super easy DIY!I love the silver metallic one in the sickest way!!!  I would paint my house in it.  My boys are often threatened that they will be painted in it if they don’t run fast enough.

Wanted to share a before and after photo of the toilet bowl scrubber I just painted to give our bathroom a more elegant look.  It literally took a minute the first coat and then another minute to go around it again to make sure it had an even coat.

Spray paint makeover - bathroom update

Money Saving Shopping Tip:

Metallic spray paint can be a bit more expensive than the regular ones.  You can purchase various spray paint colours at Joann and Michaels where you can use coupons.  I often will use any coupon I get on spray paint even if I don’t need it right then.  It’ll never fail that a project will come up and spray paint is needed … no need to pay full price if you don’t need to, right?

Just think of everyday household items you could spray paint to coordinate with your home?!  There are so many possibilities … A lot of things that come through the front door of my house beg to be painted a different color.  At least, in my eyes.  Lately, ‘everything’ has been asking to be painted metallic!  Our neighbors now just look and carry on their way rather than stopping to see what I’m painting.  They’re like, “there she goes again, painting stuff!”  It’s kind of funny.

Enjoy and please share your before and afters with us on Facebook or tag taradaramadeit on instagram!!

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