DIY – Update your Front Door with PAINT

This isn’t just any paint!!!  It’s Modern Masters Front Door paint that refuses to fade!  Front doors often get hit with substantial sunlight and face all the elements that your home exterior endures.  It is important to use high quality paint on these surfaces because of the beatings it goes through.

DIY Update your front door with paintOur front door was in desperate need of a makeover …

DIY Update your front door with paintI have been contemplating for over a year on what the color of our home should be.  If you follow me on Instagram, you have watched pictures of different house colors I’ve posted.  We live in an area which requires approval on house colors by the Home Owners Association (HOA).  It is a huge bummer as they have their approved colors to be chosen from, but of course, (purple) isn’t one of them apparently.  So, I digress to painting my door until they change their minds or I find a color that works for both parties.

DIY Update your front door with paintEven in choosing this beautiful color, there may be a letter in the mail addressing this gorgeous door!  And not to praise it … or, perhaps, it may just be a start of a trend in our bland earth toned colored homes to add some pops of color!!  Our neighborhood is lovely and the homes are gorgeous and I understand why they have an HOA … BUT, it bites when they have the ultimate say on the the color of your home when you are an artist and would like everyone to know it!  haha!!!

Moving right along …

As you can see, I have ‘attacked’ this door previously using a dark blue and a grey faux finish.  It wasn’t talking to me so it stayed that way until inspiration hit!  When Modern Masters asked if I’d like to use their paint to paint my front door, THAT is when it was go time!  But what color should go on our door, I wondered?

It can be overwhelming trying to decide what color to paint your front door.  However, Modern Masters has you covered!  Modern Masters has an app called Door Paint that you can download to your phone.  You take a picture of your front door and you can change out the color of the door with colors from their front door palette!  So easy!!  I highly recommend it and used it!

Modern Masters has a lovely front door color palette to choose from.  It completely is eye candy for this artist!!!!  I’d love to say that there is a color for every house and every person, however, that would be very presumptuous and I certainly don’t want to do that.  These colors are vibrant that provokes emotion!  Think of your own front door and imagine these colors on your door.  How many people do you think would smile or come talk to you that had never in the past?  Trust me, it’s just paint!!  If it doesn’t work out, then just paint it back to what you’re comfortable with, doubt you will though….

DIY Update your front door with paintThe BEST part about their palette is that the colors aren’t named by the color!  The front door colors are given descriptive palette names instead.  This is worthy of mention because so often colors can be called a certain color name but can easily be misinterpreted.  For instance, the new color of my door … is it teal? or is it turquoise?  It is TRANQUIL.

Tranquil is the newest color on Modern Masters Front Door color palette and I couldn’t wait to use it!!

There is a FRONT DOOR PAINT APP available from Modern Masters that lets you see what your door will look like in any of their colors…


Now for an onslaught of pictures for your viewing pleasure…

I had painted the door and was struggling with the panels.  After collaboration with a designer friend, we decided on black!

DIY Update your front door with paintI painted it black and the paint didn’t want to cooperate at all… so I sanded it off and stained it with a dark stain.  Then, wait to see what I did next …

DIY Update your front door with paintI used some tinted waxes and cremes over the dark base.  It was important for me to put some extra interest on the inside, this is what came out of that…

DIY Update your front door with paint

DIY Update your front door with paint

DIY Update your front door with paintThe Beethoven approves…

DIY Update your front door with paintSeriously, if I could marry my door or sleep with it every night, I would.  It is just perfect for our home.  It fits my personality.  Hey, I live with 3 boys … it’s important that some aspects are colorful and different from the shoebox look they’d be happy living in.  They don’t even question my DIY makeovers anymore, they know that it’ll turn out… smart boys…

DIY Update your front door with paintAlright moving on to the exterior!

This is my favorite as it was a great challenge to make everything look nice and welcoming.  Painting this door in the fabulous Tranquil color has brought so much inspiration!!

DIY Update your front door with paintThis looks fine, but it had a lot more potential…

So the storm door came off and got painted as well.

DIY Update your front door with paintThe Beethoven supervising…

DIY Update your front door with paint

Doesn’t this look inviting?

You’d want to walk through that exceptionally outstanding Tranquil front door, wouldn’t you!DIY update your house by painting your front door

DIY Update your front door with paint

DIY Update your front door with paintI found this iron wall art and wanted to tie it in to the outdoor space, so I simply used the Modern Masters door paint on the flower to highlight it and add interest…

DIY Update your front door with paint

You can purchase Modern Masters Paint at selected Lowe’s and Ace Hardwares as well as online via Amazon, and the Modern Masters online shop

Our front porch was one of the features that drew me to the house, it was so inviting.  Now that it’s finally coming together with the beautiful door color, it will be fun to to add complimentary pillows and accessories.DIY Update your front door with paint

So much more potential now that there is more of a color palette!DIY Update your front door with paintHere is a video from Modern Masters on how to paint your front door going through using the ‘Front Door’ app to instruction on how to paint your door.  Well worth the watch if you’ve never done it before.

** Disclaimer: I was provided the paint to paint my door in exchange for this post.  All opinions are my own.


  1. I love your blue door. This color is perfect. I am going to repaint mine in it. I am so fond of blue stuff. I want to marry it, too. You have competitor for it!!! LOL Greetings!

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