DIY: Stencil your Bathroom

Stencil Your Way to a Personalized Bathroom

stencil1 DIY: Stencil your Bathroom

Stenciling is a handy homemade alternative to fancy wall stickers, it’s easy and cheap to do, and it’s a great DIY way to add some interest to your walls.

13 DIY: Stencil your Bathroom

Stenciling works especially well in bathrooms, where personality is sadly often lacking. Bathrooms are usually fully equipped with modern bathroom suites and shiny accessories, so they’re functional and they look good. But with a little time, effort and paint in your hair, you can personalize your bathing space until it really feels like it’s yours – and your kids will love helping, too!

8 DIY: Stencil your Bathroom

For a coordinated look, choose a set of two or three complementary shades and apply them in one design repeated around the room. Try creating a stunning feature wall or adding interest to an alcove by repeating your design to build up a pattern not unlike an expensive wallpaper, then add hints of the same pattern elsewhere in the room (on your cabinet doors, perhaps) for continuity.

10 DIY: Stencil your Bathroom

Alternatively, add a cute and quirky touch to a neat and tidy bathroom by stenciling in characters your kids will love (I adore the owls looking down over the bathroom basin in the photo – although I suspect this particular design has been made with wall stickers rather than paint).

7 DIY: Stencil your Bathroom

Finally, if you’d prefer a more eclectic look, let the kids choose their own designs and colours – and to stretch the creativity out over a few days, why not make your own stencils rather than buying them from the store?

14 DIY: Stencil your Bathroom

It’s not just walls that you can stencil, although this is generally a good place to start. Try adding stencilled designs to your bathtub (I just love the starry night design on the bathtub in the picture; it’s quirky but it coordinates really well with the monochrome room scheme), your bathroom furniture, your storage boxes, your bathroom door, even your mirror! Just remember to use appropriate paint for the surface you’re working on – and make sure you have something in the house to get that type of paint safely off little hands, afterwards.

11 DIY: Stencil your Bathroom

Remember too that your final design can be as neat or as messy as you like. If you’ve got a toddler who wants to join in, your final design isn’t going to be all perfect lines and crisp edges – but you’ll remember the fun you had together every time you use the bathroom, and that’ll brighten the dullest day for months and years to come.


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  1. Using stencil in a bathroom is really an awesome idea as it makes it more attractive and beautiful. I am also having stencil in my bathroom just like the second one. Nice ideas.

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    Wow I love these bathroom designs! 😀 I’m sure that in all of them you feel happier day after day! I am planning to renovate my bathroom, but the only thing I know for sure is that I’ll put a huge bath from Roca, the bathroom company. I have to get some new DYI ideas! :)

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