DIY Furniture Makeover – Sewing and Painting

HI!!  Hey, it’s been awhile.  Trust me it’s not because I haven’t had anything to say or to share, it’s just because I have been busy DOING things.  You wouldn’t believe all the projects completed and on the go.

We have had this bench seat for years and I’ve threatened to donate it for years.  BUT, I decided I could totally do something funky with it.  It just took years to get just the right inspiration and time to make this DIY project happen.  It’s all about perseverance, right?

Here is this tropical bench begging for a facelift…

DIY furniture makeoverCan you believe it hung around for as long as it did?  Like, I’m seriously talking YEARS!

Clearly, from the next picture you can see that it seriously is a drab to FAB DIY makeover!!!

DIY Furniture Makeover

First things first.  I took the legs off to paint them.  You see the funky little drawers below?  Well, this was my inspiration to make my legs look like what I did to the drawers…

DIY furniture makeoverHad to spray paint them first…

DIY furniture makeoverI roughed them up a bit and put them in this box that had just happened to appear (from Costco … ahem). Using this meant no messing around with tape to tape the screw part at the top of the legs.  It also made it easier to simply turn the legs to be painted instead of laying them flat on the dropcloth and having to wait till one side completely dried.

I had a couple of rockin’ helpers…

DIY furniture makeoverI love that with most of my DIY projects that my boys WANT to help me.  Nothing warms my heart more than that.  Okay, moving on…

The cushion part of the project.  I knew I wanted to use my patchwork in this project.  So, I started by lying strips the patchwork on top of the bench.  This is easy for me to see what I’m doing and how much I need and how it’s going to look before assembling it together.

DIY furniture makeoverSo I simply lay it out and when I’m happy with how it looks and how it lays, I flip it over and pin the seams to guide me where to sew.  I also added some iron on adhesive fleece to give it some loft, just a little softness to it.

DIY Furniture MakeoverBelow is what it looks like while I’m pinning it.

DIY Furniture Makeover As you can see below, it’s loosely placed on top just so I can visualize it and see it.  And then I flip it over again and sew so more.

DIY furniture makeover

As you can imagine, it isn’t very possible to make a fitted cover to go over the curves arms of this bench, so I like to use velcro on one side so there is a concealed ‘opening’.  You could also hand stitch, but I figured this would be easier to remove if needed

DIY Furniture MakeoverAnd below is the finished product.  I made sure it was snug and at the same time making sure the seams were straight and not weave-y.  I secured the underside with staples to show the curve-y bottom of the bench.

DIY furniture makeoverI think I’ll do another post just on the legs themselves, but I wanted to share this cool picture of one of the legs while I was doodling and creating them…

DIY Furniture MakeoverMore pictures of the GORGEOUS DIY FURNITURE MAKEOVER…

DIY Furniture Makeover

DIY Furniture Makeover

DIY Furniture Makeover

DIY Furniture Makeover

DIY Furniture MakeoverAren’t these legs fun?!!!

DIY Furniture MakeoverCan you imagine this bench in a cute wedding photo shoot?  Or a cute kid session?

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