DIY ‘Frozen’ Inspired Pillowcase

I have given in to the Frozen hoop-la.  My children are boys, but they have watched Frozen {and enjoyed it}.

You should see them when I sing the theme song to them.  They run for the hills!! {ahem … Let it Go, Let it Go …}

Given that I have boys, I have dodged the bullet on all the character meetings at Disney, the Frozen gowns at Halloween, and the dolls, etc etc etc.

BUT I am secretly slipping Frozen inspired projects and ‘Frozen’ Family PJ’s right under their sweet little nose without them even blinking an eye.

My most recent is a pillow … they actually LIKE it … probably because it’s blue and grey and shiny.

DIY Frozen inspired pillowThe best part is that it’s painted and sewn!  Two of my favorite mediums!

The stencil is from Royal Design Studio and I used metallic paint by Modern Masters mixed with a fabric paint medium.

DIY Frozen inspired pillowThe fabric medium changes regular paint to have it adhere to the fabric and stay even through washings.  To tell you the truth, it’s the first time I’ve used it and I’m kinda diggin it!  This won’t be the last project that’s for sure!

The snowflake stencil used for this project is called ‘Barcelona Tile Modern Masters Christmas Stencil‘, it’s a perfect sized stencil for pillow throws.   It will be used for other projects in the future, but for now, it’s my ‘Frozen’ snowflake stencil!

DIY Frozen inspired pillowYou can use a pouncing brush to do this or you can use a paint brush that you don’t love and covet as it will get beat up in the process.  You want to put just a dab of paint on your brush and dab it off slightly on a dry papertowl then apply it to the fabric through the stencil.  You want to dab it or pounce your brush so that paint is not being pushed up under the stencil.

DIY Frozen inspired pillowSee, poor brush … not pretty.  But all worth it!!

Here is the paint all done…

DIY Frozen inspired pillowOnce the paint dried, I cut 2 strips of 4″x12″ contrasting fabric to sew on opposite sides as shown below.

DIY Frozen inspired pillowPress the seams and add the strips on the sides to finish it off.  I measured 2 strips of 4″x18″

DIY Frozen inspired pillowThen I sewed both sides and pressed the seams.

DIY Frozen inspired pillowI used a blue fabric for the backing.

DIY Frozen inspired pillowAlthough the case is going on a pillow form, the edges need to pressed to give it a nice clean look.

DIY Frozen inspired pillowHere it is complete in my studio in the wee hours in the morning.  Looks pretty good…

DIY Frozen inspired pillowWay better in the living room….

DIY Frozen inspired pillowLove that the pillow is so versatile and can go pretty much with anything

DIY Frozen inspired pillow

**disclaimer: I was provided with the product to use for this post.  All opinions are 100% mine.


  1. What a creative idea that makes everyone happy – beautiful Christmas decor to classy Frozen fun year round! BEAUTIFUL job, Tara!

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