Dining Room Makeover – Commence!

I have been sharing a LOT {I mean a LOT LOT LOT} of photos on Instagram and Twitter of my dining room makeover.  So, if you follow me, I hope it was okay …

It is so exciting to makeover parts of my home and to be able to share warms my heart.  If it inspires someone to make the jump or the leap to make a change that they’ve been putting off because of the time it takes, or whatever the reason might be.  I know my work is done … and I’m off to the next project to complete and possibly strike a nerve with another person out there.

So, I’ve looked for other photos of the dining room from before, I cannot seem to locate a very good one at the moment, but the walls were all white.  This is the best I could find for the moment…

Dining room make over

Dining room makeover, amazing!!They’ve been white for over 4 years.  Wayyyyy too long for this girl to live with.  One of the reasons why they remained white for so long was because I couldn’t decide what color to paint to provide the cozy, comfortable vibe I wanted so badly for my dining room.

So, I went in the dining room, sat down at the table in the dark with a candle lighting the room.  I sat there, looked around, observed … and sat some more.  I finally got the inspiration.

I was going to plaster the one main wall behind the china cabinet I had bought off Craigslist for $25 {and refinished}.  Silly to put so much work in to a wall and cover it up with a large piece of furniture, so I decided that I would move the cabinet to the other side.  Alright, with that aside….

Here are some photos of what I did …

HHow to Venetian Plater a wallI ‘skimmed’ the wall first with joint compound.  It’s much cheaper than venetian plaster.  This is cheap and it does a great job making the textured surface of most walls smooth.  I had to use 2 thin layers to completely smooth that wall texture out.

Then I painted it a color close to the venetian plaster I was about to use.  The paint I used had a primer in it.  If the paint you’re using does NOT have primer added, you’ll want to prime the plastered wall first before applying your paint color.  It acts as a ‘shield’ so that the plaster does not soak up all the paint … therefore having to add an extra coat {primer is cheaper than paint}.

How to Venetian Plater a wallI actually used tape to make sure of a nice clean line.  I’m kind of messy when it comes to plaster.

So once painted and dry, I went ahead and started to apply the venetian plaster.  It’s like icing a very very large flat vertical cake.  I applied a thin coat of plaster using my trowel tools you see below.  You can purchase these at your local hardware store or paint shop.

How to Venetian Plaster a wall

How to Venetian Plater a wallYou can purchase venetian plaster and have it tinted to your color choice.  Yay, right!!!

So then, I wanted to add just a little something extra.  I applied another coat and added REAL LEAVES to create a ‘fossil’ like appearance.

How to Venetian Plaster a wallHow did I do it?

I applied the leaf on the wet venetian plaster and held it steady while I took my trowel with plaster and troweled over the leaf.  It holds it there and creates the look from the slight pressure you use with the trowel.  Nice and easy and steady…

How to Venetian Plaster a wallI just LOVE this plaster and the depth it creates.  All the movement it has.

How to Venetian Plaster a wallOh, so if simply just plastering, ‘fossiling’, and making it look good wasn’t enough … I went over it with a special ‘wax’.  It can be applied with a sponge or with a trowel depending on the look you want to get.  I troweled it on.  This stuff is not sold in stores, you may have to take a faux finishing course to actually purchase this product.

How to Venetian Plaster a wallOnce everything was applied, and I was happy with it.  I removed the tape.  Since there is plaster involved, tape does not simply peel off.  You can try however it will take chips and chunks with it.  All that work … looks like crap now because of the edges.  You don’t want that …

How to Venetian Plaster a wallScore it first with a knife and THEN peel it away…

Keeping it real here … My dining room exploded …

How to Venetian Plaster a wallBut that’s okay, because the end product was completely worth it…

How to Venetian Plaster a wallOh wait … it’s still a mess …

I will have more pictures up this week of the dining room.  Hopefully some better before and after shots … if I can find them.  {that’s the trouble of taking so many photos of everything that occurs in life … they get lost!}


  1. Ooo That is a really cool looking wall! I love the iridescent color.

  2. Tara Dara!! You are one talented lady!! Thanks for sharing your tips and projects!

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