Dining Room Chairs … get a makeover

Another DIY furniture makeover.

I bought these country style chairs and the dining room table for $30 off of Craigslist {of course!} with a plan.  We didn’t have enough furniture to fill our home as we moved from a smaller house to one that is double the size.

I thought they were kind of ugly, but there was certainly potential there.  So, I took off the cushion, painted the chair, recovered the cushion, and put it all back together again.  It contrasts nicely with the DIY hutch makeover that I did with a black base with blue as the main color.

The chairs {and the table, whenever it gets done} are painted black with a blue base.

What do you think?

DIY Chair makeover - Craigslist is a great place to find furniture to makeover and give new life toFirst stage

DIY Chair makeover - Craigslist is a great place to find furniture to makeover and give new life toI just made a quick pass over with the blue paint. No reason to make perfect as it’ll be painted over with the black paint.

DIY Chair makeover - Craigslist is a great place to find furniture to makeover and give new life toPotential is there

Then I went over it with the black paint and rubbed off random areas to have the blue show.

DIY Chair makeover - Craigslist is a great place to find furniture to makeover and give new life to

I love how the blue just peaks through the black.  They’re not too black with that bit of blue accent, I think.

DIY Chair makeover - Craigslist is a great place to find furniture to makeover and give new life toThis Amy Butler fabric is a great print for these chairs … the blue with the dark grey and white compliments the paint finish nicely.

DIY Chair makeover - Craigslist is a great place to find furniture to makeover and give new life toThanks for taking a look at my dining room chairs!  Just one more fun DIY furniture makeover

Update!  These were FEATURED over at Night Owl Crafting!!!!!  Hoo Hoo!!!!!!!

I linked these chairs up to Martha’s Favorites.


  1. Mandy [Mandipidy] says:

    I adore this makeover! The chairs are darling now! Nice job :]

  2. Thanks, Mandy. You’ll have to come by and see it one day!

  3. Wonderful makeover. Your chairs look fantastic!

  4. Wow, those chairs sort of hurt my eyes in the before picture. The are gorgeous now!

  5. What a great price for these chairs and a table…the makeover looks outstanding!!! Come by and share them at my PARTY…hope to see ya there:)


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  6. Wow the chairs look so much better. Great job.

  7. that fabric just totally makes them- gorgeous!!! they are so updated!

  8. Great job! Love your upholstery fabric.

  9. Brittany Reichmuth says:

    again! WOW!!!….could you explain the order of events here…did you spray paint the blue then dry brush the black?….hum….tricky! But I love how it turned out! Make a tutorial!

    • Hi Brittany! Thanks for your comments!
      I actually didn’t spray paint these. I randomly and messily painted on the blue … no need to be pretty and perfect. Then I went over it with black paint (not dry brushing though) and rubbed off with a damp paper towel (you can use a rag if you want). After that was all dry, I went over it with a black glaze (paint, water, and glaze) to ‘blend’ in the blue a bit so it wasn’t so overpowering in places I rubbed too much off.
      Take care,

  10. I {heart} the Amy Butler! They look fabulous!

  11. These look fantastic! I can’t believe how well they turned out.

  12. Madigan at madiganmade says:

    That fabric is perfect for the chair color! Just lovely!

  13. Really well done! I recently refinished a little rocking chair for my daughter and after the fact, wished I had used two colors like you did. I like the look of one paint color peaking through the other.

    Just one question…do you use an electric sander? If so, any recommendations?

  14. Wow – I LOVE the new chairs! They look amazing. Beautiful fabric!

  15. sweet european dreams says:

    So, why didn’t you use the original fabric? ….hee hee… Beautiful transformation! I’m working on a set right now as well but the weather here isn’t cooperating – it’s too cold for the paint to dry smoothly. errghhh… Congrats on your frugal re-do! -diane

  16. These chairs came out great! I love the blue showing through!

  17. Your chairs look fabulous! You’ve inspired me to get started on my own set of hideous chairs (complete with orange and gold tassels). Thanks for the great post.

  18. Wow! They look amazing! I love your fabric choice too!

  19. It looks great now..You’ve done a good job..Pretty! Happy 2nd time around Tuesday.

  20. Martha's Favorites! says:

    Hi: Great redo! Did I miss the tea cups? I will come back later to check. Have a great day! Blessings, Martha

  21. I love how your chairs look. Great job. I didn’t realize a step would be painting the blue underneath. They go perfectly with the seat covers. Love the look.

  22. Love the chairs and I love the fabric you chose!

  23. Oh I love what you did to your Craig’s list find! The chairs have such a great shape to them and your treatment of them makes their value soar!
    Great job!

    *wink* *wink* next week, sneak a tea cup in your photo : )

  24. Love the blue coming through!

  25. Inspiring, VERY !

  26. Stopping by from the Pinching your pennies party.
    I can’t believe the price you picked that set up for and I love how they turned out! Beautiful!

  27. loving your fabric choice 😉


  28. LOVE…love the color…love the fabric.

  29. These chairs are darling! Great find off of Craigslist! I love the material you’ve chosen and to paint the chairs black makes such a statement! I love it!! Thanks for linking it up at Sassy Sites for our Trash to Treasure Tuesday! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo!


  30. These are fabulous and beautiful…and I’m totally jealous! What a wonderful transformation.

  31. Wow! These look fantastic! I love the fabric choice, too.

  32. Rachael@Lovely Crafty Home says:

    Great makeover!! So updated, love the black/fabric combo. Thanks so much for linking up 🙂

  33. Oh my goodness, I love this! I envy your talent!

  34. Beautiful!!! Love it! I think I may have to try this with my old table and chairs to spruce them up a bit…Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

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