DIY ‘Frozen’ Inspired Pillowcase

I have given in to the Frozen hoop-la.  My children are boys, but they have watched Frozen {and enjoyed it}. You should see them when I sing the theme song to them.  They run for the hills!! {ahem ... Let it Go, Let it Go ...} Given that I have boys, I have dodged the bullet on all the character meetings at Disney, the Frozen gowns at Halloween, and the dolls, etc etc etc. BUT I am secretly slipping Frozen inspired projects and 'Frozen' Family PJ's right under their sweet little nose without them even blinking an eye. My most recent is a pillow ... they actually LIKE it ... probably because it's blue and grey and shiny. The best part is that it's painted and sewn!  Two of my favorite … [Read more...]

DIY – How to Etch your Glass in Minutes!

Not gonna lie!  Minutes!  Create some privacy in your home by DIY etching your entry windows. We have been in the house for over 5 years now and I've stared at these side windows flanking the front door SOOOOOOO many times a day.  Like, every time I walk by.  I see them when I walk down the stairs, when I walk to the stairs, when I walk to the front room, to the office .... They are in the very front of the house. Anyone walking or driving by can see IN our house.  I can see everything on the outside {which is fine because I'm nosey}.  I especially love it when the door to door salesmen come ringing the doorbell and they 'peak' in the window to see if anyone is inside. … [Read more...]

Kitchen Update – Mosiac Installation

My kitchen is slowwwwwly coming together.  I think this is probably longest Kitchen Remodel EVER!!!!  But, that's how it goes when you have kids, a job, football, baseball, life ... Totally okay with it though because check this out ... I was so happy to finally finish my island recently!  I wanted to finish it before my birthday party (I turned 29 AGAIN for the 11th time ... shhhhh) So here are a few iPhone pictures of the progress from start to finish {well, I used my good camera for the final photos} ... I started by laying the 1" x 1" tiles out ... important to lay them out prior to gluing them ... trust me! You can see a little bit how my brain works ... well, maybe not ... … [Read more...]

Easy Handprint Christmas Ornament ~ Child to Cherish Clay

 I have played with pottery and clay in the past.  The last handprint ornament I made was our oldest's when he was 2 {5 years ago}.  He loves that ornament and it still hangs in his room.  When I heard about Child to Cherish marshmallow clay, I couldn't wait to get it in the mail and get started.  I also wanted to preserve Scooby's paw print as well.  Now we have 3 Christmas ornaments that have such meaning to us. About Child to Cherish Child to Cherish features a broad selection of quality gift and keepsake items ideal for gift giving and receiving for any and every special occasion year round. Each item is set to to capture precious moments of a child’s life, and make lasting … [Read more...]

Our Family Christmas Traditions

Our family Christmas Traditions For a few years now, we've been thinking of how we could make our Christmas OURS for our family.  We have 2 young boys who are now both understanding Christmas and what it's all about.  We have a few family traditions that we have done the past two years and are welcoming new ones as they come. We have cut down our Christmas Tree out in the forest the past 2 years.  We go with another family and make a day of it {if it's not FREEZING outside}.  This year was a bit chilly, so we didn't hang out all day to play in the snow. My husband and I with the kids in the back leaving the forest with our tree you cannot see. Here is the huge tree we cut down this … [Read more...]

How was your Christmas?

Did you get all you wished for? ... and more ... perhaps? We had a WONDERFUL Christmas, the only thing that would've made it better would've been to have family here.  BUT, we had a great day! We opened LOTS of presents... And made a HUGE mess... Watched a little 'Christmas Story' {what's Christmas Day without a bit of "... you'll shoot your eye out, kid"}... Played with toys... and went tobogganing {sledding} and was pleasantly surprised by having our neighbours come join us ... And some of us got bored with sledding, so we put our own creative spin on things.... Then we went in, warmed up, and had a nice turkey dinner {but failed to take … [Read more...]

Christmas Decorating in our House

I LOVE the holidays! I love revisiting the decorations from years gone by and using the new decorations I purchased from the year before. We're starting to really enjoy decorating the tree TOGETHER!  For those of you who have small children, I know you what I mean.  The boys are now 4 and 6, so they are a bit more responsible and 'careful' of the ornaments {mostly}.  Every year seems to get easier and easier to trim the tree and not have a heart attack! There are some very sentimental ornaments that I treasure like this one of M eating mud. And this one of N riding down a 'steep' hill for the first time. And, of course, now the boys are in school!  I sincerely LOVE the ornaments … [Read more...]