Creative Estates ~ Brassy Apple, Silhouette, and Groopdealz

So, yesterday, I talked about meeting Kim from Today’s Creative Blog and how great it was.

Well, I finally got to meet Megan from Brassy Apple!!  I have been following Megan’s blog for some time now.  Then I got on to twitter and we started to follow eachother {flattering}.  Then, we get to Creative Estates and we get to meet face to face!  What a thrill that was for me!

It’s kind of funny really… It’s like meeting ‘movie stars‘ of the blogging world.  I’m naming them “bloggy stars” {you can use this term if you want, just remember where you got it, LOL}.  Most of my friends and family don’t have an idea of who these gals are that I’m so excited to meet, but I AM!

Here’s a pic of Megan and I … she was so nice to sit down to have our picture taken … she’s kinda tall and I’m … well … not.

Aside from meeting the ‘who’s who’ …

What do we ALL love at conferences?


And, when do we love them?

WHEN WE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!

I was SOOOOOOO lucky on Friday!!!

First {yes, I said first}, I won a Kindle with a Shey B kindle cover!!!!  My first thought was … “I don’t have to use my handmade kindle for my kindle cover photo shoots”.

Awesome, right!

It gets awesome-r!  A gal came up to me in the courtyard while I was pouring myself some water {from a tall beautiful urn with sliced lemons for flavour …} and asked me if I was interested in trading with her.  Hmmmm….. for what, you ask?

She had won a Silhouette!!!!

Ummm… she’s lucky!

It didn’t take me long to say okay, let’s do it!

A total WIN/WIN!

She’s wanted a Kindle for so long she mentioned and she JUST purchased a Silhouette and didn’t want another one.  I’ve been cutting my flowers by hand {can you say ‘time consuming’}.  So, this is going to be awesome and cut down on my time with the scissors and fabric.

So, I cannot wait till the weekend when I can bring it out and play with it!  I have a feeling that there’s going to be a lot of cutting going on at this household!!!  Oh, and hey, it makes temporary tattoos!!!  HOW FUN!!!

Here’s me with my new winnings….

Okay, I know you’re waiting for the SECOND part of my lucky story, right?!

Well, Groopdealz was a sponsor at the conference as well.  They feature handmade businesses! Groopdealz is web based and they have a handmade business owner sell one product {at a time} at a discount.  It gets the business exposure and boosts their sales quite a bit.

You can learn more about it here.  While you’re over there, you can sign up for the dealz to come to your email so you don’t miss a beat!  Hey, everyone loves a deal, right!

Okay, the prize I won from Groopdealz is a free feature on their site meaning they do not receive any portion {percentage} of my sales with this giveaway.  How exciting!

They reach over 100,000 people a month!!!

I’m a bit nervous for it, but I know that I’m ready for this leap.

My business and my blog are at another growing stage, so it couldn’t have come at a better time really.

You can watch for my Groopdealz  product sale towards the end of May {as far as I know at this time}.

So, there is more to share from my experience at the Creative Estates conference …

How about I share pictures of my table at the Handmade Market? … and, another ‘bloggy star’ too.

More tomorrow, friends!

xo Tara


  1. wow, you totally WON everything there!!! i knew about the kindle/silhoutte swap but that is awesome with groopdealz. you’re gonna do amazing!!!

    p.s. one thing i’m sad about CE is that we never got our picture together. boo.

    • I know, hey! There are so many gals I didn’t get pics with and am bummed about. You, Kim, Sandy, Shey, Char … ah well, next conference, right!

  2. Tina Garczynski says:

    I can’t wait to see you on groupdealz. That is great.

  3. I want to see how your fun flowers look with the silhouette! Believe it or not, my daughter instantly broke the kindle. ;( But I called Amazon and they sent me a new one. No kids allowed!

    • No way!!! I’m so glad that they worked with you! Thank goodness!!!! How are you?!!! Settled back in to normal life …

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