Creative Estates … What I learned

Okay, so this IS the last post regarding Creative Estates … I promise.

I wanted to go through my notes and share a few things that I learned.

Some of the pointers were things I already knew, but it was great to hear it as it gave solidity and reinforcement to my thoughts and ideas.

Turning your hobby in to a business …

*  The Martha Rules  {a book I think I might just have to buy}

*  Promoting giveaways on your blog and/or on twitter

*  Reach out to other bloggers {you’d be surprised how they are so willing to help!  I have to find it in myself to do this more}

*  Join local clubs such as a WordPress meet up group or Social Media Club.  {I’m going to the next one in our area!}

 {there are a bunch of peeps that know the backend well and can help you when you’re struggling with how and what to do for your blog}

*  Join different groups online




Ways to get out there ….

*  write for a blog

*  Look at editorial calendars of magazines or papers

*  HARO … Help a Reporter Out  {they’re always looking for stories, who knows, maybe you have one….}

*  Google editors of magazines or papers you want to contribute to or that you would like to have them do a story on you.  See if they have a twitter account and connect with them.

Tips for running your own business and being a momma…

*  Make a list for the next day of things you need to have done {I do this most days … I’m a list kind of gal}

*  Don’t check your email in the morning, you might be caught there for longer than you initially planned.  When you have kids to get off to school or to feed breakfast to, you might find yourself rushed because the computer ate up a bunch of your time.  Check your email and social media later after the morning routine is done.

*  Keep ideas or sketches in ONE spot such as a notepad.  That way you know all your brains are in one spot and you won’t be frustrated trying to find your stellar idea somewhere else.

*  Remember that YOUR FAMILY ALWAYS COMES FIRST!  Nothing is as important as you BEING there for your children or your husband/wife.  Do not sacrifice your family for your business … it’s just not worth it.  

{This is why I sew from 9pm till 2-3am after our boys are down for the night and I can concentrate on my sewing.  People often give me funny looks when I tell them.  But, you know what, this is what I have to do right now.  I WANT to be with my boys as much as I can while they still want to be around me.  I WANT to be around my boys so I don’t miss a thing and have regrets in the future.  Okay, I’m done}

*  REWARD your family and yourself when you’ve completed a big task.  Your family is in this too.  They stand by you and are in the thick of your business even if you may not realize it.  Remember your husband or wife, especially, is supporting your dream as well.

There was a session that I was just laughing my head off because the gals were soooo stinkin funny that I didn’t take any notes.

It was on Blogging your Passion

*  Basically, the jist of it was to blog about things you’re interested in because it will show through your words and bring people in.  

*  Don’t get discouraged when you get a ‘hate email’ because it’s usually from someone who really can’t be pleased no matter what.

*  Oh, and you can paid for your time blogging … have sponsors, writing editorials for other blogs, writing reviews, etc.

Okay, that’s about it … there was a lot more information … but I didn’t write it all down, therefore, I guess my brain didn’t retain it all.  

As you can see, I didn’t get a picture of all the panels I attended {note for next time}.  It would have been nice to share those with you.

Well, I’m glad I FINALLY did this post as it helped me check out the notes I took and the sites and book they suggested.  

All I can say is that I’m going to be a busy gal in the next few months!!!

xo Tara


  1. well hey, i’m glad you shared this. there has been a lot of buzz around after that conference, and it’s nice to hear some of the notes you made and how it has inspired you. i’m a night-owl/early bird creative as well (those two things don’t go together very well do they! lol)… and feel very much the same as you. no matter what success comes my way, it will not be worth it if i look back and have regrets about this precious time right now.

    thanks for sharing this for those who couldn’t be there. it sounds like a great experience for you.

    • taradara says:

      Hey Ana, of course! You’re welcome! The conference had some really great speakers for all of us to learn from … it was worth the money and the trip!

  2. You took way better notes than I did. Now I just learned a whole ton of stuffs.

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