Craigslist, and why I shop it

Craigslist is an amazing resource for furnishing a home, apartment, or office.

We moved from a smaller home to a home twice the size.  My first thought was, how am I going to furnish this place?  We didn’t have a lot of money and there were a lot of empty rooms.  I resorted to Craigslist and decided I was going to furnish the rest of our home with second hand furnishings bought from Craigslist or from thrift stores.

 I was just checking around Craigslist {in the free category, that’s where I always go first} and this beauty was right there!


Oh, I might just have to take a trip tomorrow …

not, it’s snowing too much

just wanted to share to show ‘you never know’ what’s out there until you look!

Man, I just wish is was within 10 miles of my house!

Can you imagine what I could do with this gem!!!

Be sure to take a look under the THRIFTING tab to see more pieces I have bought, refinished, or repaired.  It’s quite amazing what you can find that people just do not want anymore!!  And the can work in your home!

xo Tara


  1. craigslist is awesome!!! one person’s junk is another’s treasure, foreals!! i would totally take this and paint it a fun color!! 🙂

    • I know, right?! I totally think it would be a great piece to paint and sell … I don’t have a place for it 🙂

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