Craft Projects on Daily Craft TV

I had the pleasure of going to the Sew News studios and taping 2 one hour segments for Daily Craft TV!!! It was so great to have hair and make up done once again!  It's always so nice to not have to do it yourself!  Sorry for the grainy picture ... iPhone snapshot ... I got to tape with Nikki of Sew News, she was a great host and kept things moving along smoothly.  Isn't she a doll!  I think next time, I'll wear heels!  And we'll take the picture together at the BEGINNING of the shoot so I'm fresh!  Talking all day took a lot out of me ... who knew that could be possible???!!! An hour is a LONG time to tape without many cuts!!!  We pretty much tape the whole segment continuously, so … [Read more...]

The Old Glory Antiques Fair – June 15-16

Come to a WONDERFUL OUTDOOR Denver Antique Fair showcasing over 70 antique dealers and artisans from the Colorado area!!! Will you be there?  I will be! My friend, Jo Packham from Where Women Create will be there!  I cannot wait to see her again!  Twice in one year! Here's a chair that a local made just for Jo to sit in while she's doing her book signings {the gal TOTALLY nailed it and captured Jo's personality and style}... {source} And Ki Nassauer, editor of Flea Market Style will be there as well signing books!  And here's her chair... {source} Please hop over to Old Glory Antiques  Fair's Tumblr page and take a look around at all the work they've put in to this event!  It's … [Read more...]

A Day at West Elm

Helloooooo from West Elm in Denver! West Elm is a store with so much inspiration, and we got to spend the WHOLE DAY there on Saturday!  West Elm was having a mini promotion on Mother's Day and invited taradara to come sell my wares for the day.  What a wonderful opportunity! If you didn't know this, West Elm is a HUGE supporter of handmade and Etsy, here's a little bit on their support here.  They hold a craft show nationwide with various Etsy shops within their region close to the holidays.  I have yet to be a part of it, but I have a feeling that taradara just might be there this October in Denver.  Stay tuned. We {Miss Mary & Tina are our neighbors and a couple of my biggest … [Read more...]

Taradara + West Elm

You read that right!!  I'll be where Design Sponge was in November!  Although, I won't be signing books {yet}, but I will be selling my products!!!!! Taradara will be at West Elm in Cherry Creek North in Denver on Saturday, May 12th from 10:30-4pm! I'll be selling my iPad covers, Kindle Covers, Wallets, Cup Cozies, and so much more there! Please come by and say hello!!! I might be shopping as well ... Tell me this isn't eye candy!!  YUMMAY!!! Oh, I WANT!!!!!!!!! {Photos courtesy of West Elm's Catalog} We'll be HERE: 2955 East 1st Avenue #101  Denver, CO 80206 (303) 320-1001 … [Read more...]

Before and After – Goodwill Find Makeovers

Goodwill is the place to shop! It's seriously hard to leave Goodwill without buying something! With my craft show that I had coming up, I needed a few props or holders for my products.  And low and behold, I found some at Goodwill for next to nothing as it was on a 50% off Saturday! I love this curio shelf!  Love the price even more $3!!!! a bit beat up, but nothing a little spray paint won't fix... Beauty, right! You need to check out my latest Goodwill Makeover that cost me $4!! And this $1.50 sweet find, didn't care much for the bees buzzing around on it ... But, again, a can of spray paint can make almost anything look great! Perfect for my bracelet cuff display! And I found a … [Read more...]

Christmas Craft Show

Christmas Craft show At Grandview High School was a success despite the blundering weather outside ... aka SNOW. It certainly exceeded my expectations of when I awoke to the snow that was falling from the sky.  People still came out to shop!  It was wonderful! Here's a few shots of my booth! Talking with everyone face to face was such a joy!  I really love the interaction with customers as being an online seller, you just don't have many opportunities to do that.  Talking to people and listening to their thoughts and ideas was so refreshing!  It makes what I do all that much more rewarding.  Seeing their excitement when they find that PERFECT item for someone or for themselves is … [Read more...]