Colorado Blogger Get Together at IKEA

The other night, I had the pleasure of meeting 4 lovely ladies and a little lad!  We met at the new IKEA and walked around the store, Ooohed and Aahhed at random pieces.  Talked blog stuff, kid stuff, creative stuff … and we decided on a little fun challenge that I’ll tell you more about in a sec.

Would you like to meet them too?  Sure you would….

Here’s Alison from Oopsey Daisy.  She had her little guy with us … he was so well behaved {I’m kind of glad I left mine at home cause he would have made mine look like little devils}.  We actually we at Creative Estates together in Phoenix earlier this year, but never connected there!  Crazy, hey!

Kirstin from Kojo Designs.  A sister blog by two sisters, Kirsten and Jordan, that has a bunch of diy and tutorials {she just got a shipment of Martha Stewart paints …. we’re all getting together for a Christmas craft party to use those puppies up!!!}  YEOW!!!

Meet Courtney from Sweet C Designs!  She is a talented gal!  A photographer, a sewer, a momma, a blog designer, and an Etsy shop owner!  And she just launched a fun series called {Blog Crush} … yours truly might be over there….

And, Angela from Better Together.  Another sister blog!  She has 2 sisters, and between the 3 of them they blog about what each of them is most ‘specialized’ in.  One blogs about exercise and nutrition, the other about cooking, and Angela blogs about crafts.

All 4 of these gals were so great to meet and connect with!  Please go on over and see their blogs!  I’m sure you’ll have a great time over there and get lost in the eye candy they have in their blogs!!!


Here is the ‘challenge’ that we are all going to do.  We all got one of these clocks from IKEA and will decorate it and post in 1.5 weeks.  We’ll link eachother’s posts so you all can see what we did.

See how our Ikea clocks turned out!!  They’re all different and spectacular!!!!!!!

xo Tara



  1. Tara! It was SO great to meet you, dear! So glad to have creative friends that live nearby! Can’t wait for our clock challenge and future meet-ups! XOXO

  2. As a fellow Coloradoan, thanks for introducing me to other Colorado bloggers. Isn’t the new IKEA gorgeous and fun? Can’t wait to see what you guys do with the clocks.

  3. Tara, just saw this, you’re too cute!
    How’s the clock coming??? 🙂 Working on mine tonight. 🙂

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