Easy Christmas Stick Tree Craft for Kids

An Easy Christmas Craft for Kiddos

We were recently cleaning up our yard {that time of year} and amongst the leaves were a whole bunch of twigs that had fallen from the trees.  I looked at them and thought we could make something out them.  Didn’t know what at the time, but now I do …

kids christmas tree

I simply used some spray paint that we had in the garage and painted them 4 different colors {making sure to paint all around the twigs because little people simply pick things up and glue it}.  They from this…

kids christmas treeto this….

kids christmas tree

I got some burlap from my studio, cut them in to random rectangles and frayed the edges by simply pulling the fibers out.

kids christmas treekids christmas treeThen we were ready to glue.

kids christmas treeAnd make Christmas trees!

kids christmas treeAll of us made one!

And we made a bit of a mess too … but it was cleaned up no problem since I did it immediately…

kids christmas treeAnd the masterpieces….

kid's christmas craftkid's christmas craftkid's christmas craftkid's christmas craftAren’t they great!!

And they were FREE to make!  Can’t go wrong that.

Having the boys pick up the twigs knowing that we were doing a craft with them was also a real highlight.  Showing kids that they can make something fun and colorful from nature is so beneficial for them.  It’s just so easy to do and yet, we find ourselves going to the store to buy kits for them to make things.  Don’t get me wrong, I have bought those kits, but it was really a nice change to do this project and not have to spend a dime and use what we had around us.


xo Tara

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  1. Elizabeth-Polka DOt Skies says:

    You are so creative! Love the little twig trees!

  2. Isobel Morrell says:

    Like those a lot! Great way to get youngsters involved in crafts – boys or girls always benefit from such activities, I think.

    Hope they get the display space they deserve and the praise from all and sundry that should come their way too!

    Saw you on one of the Etsy blogging sites and decided to call in – have followed you for a while but don’t think you’ve been to see me at my site yet! Would love to invite you to spare a moment, and read my posts about the toys I make, mend and otherwise create – and then try to sell on Etsy at http://www.coldhamcuddlies.etsy.com. My blog can be found at http://www.ColdhamCuddliescalling.blogspot.com and all comments are much appreciated.

    All the best. Isobel

  3. Hi Tara! What a cute craft for the kiddos!!


  4. These are REALLY cute and my 4 year old will be all over it. It would be so nice to frame and bring out every holiday!Thanks so much for linking up to my first ever party and helping make it a huge success!

  5. Those are the best. I know I can always get good ideas from you. Thanks again.

  6. Saw this over on Today’s Creative Blog. So stinkin’ cute! I love how easy it is!

  7. These trees are adorable. I think I’m going to try these with my nephews.


  8. I love these so much! Fabulous project and idea. I am stumbling this post. I am a new GFC and Twitter follower visiting from Today’s Creative Blog. Vicky from Mess For Less

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