The Nutcracker in Denver (coupon code)

Get discount tickets to The Nutcracker in Denver

**Disclosure:  I was compensated tickets in exchange for this post.  All opinions are my own. Psstttt ... a little secret .. I've never been to the ballet in all my '29 years'. But that is about to change.  The Nutcracker is hanging out in Denver for a few weeks! Yesssss.... You can make your ballet-less life change too!!  {er, or am I the only one?} Receive 20% first three weeks of The Nutcracker with promo code "KIDS". Get your discounted Nutcracker tickets here. To redeem this offer, go to, click buy tickets and enter promo code KIDS. Disclaimers: Promo valid for performances Nov. 30-December 15, 2013only.  Not valid on D seating, seats subject to … [Read more...]


Cone of Shame

Hey all! So, I have NOT fallen off the edge of the earth! Life has just happened. Surgery, work, taxes, projects, kids, etc, etc, etc ... I am currently getting ready to do a couple 1 hour long video tutorials on a couple of FUN cute projects!! AND!!! You will see me in the Sew News magazine in the winter!!!  Yes, I'm sewing Christmas attire in April!!! My studio was just missing the Christmas music!!!  Ho Ho Ho!!! It's been nice to be back in the studio so soon after just having surgery. Check out my war wound!! Pretty sweet that an Orthopedic surgeon sewed this pretty little line, isn't it?! (No offense to orthopods, but it is an IMPRESSIVE closure!) Hmmm ... what else … [Read more...]

DIY Holiday Wreath – Easy 30 Minute Craft


Holiday Christmas Wreaths are everywhere. I decided to try my hand at making my own and it actually turned out okay! Yes, I surprised myself! Making this wreath was super easy and took me under 30 minutes! You'll need: Twig/vine wreath or a styrofoam wreath Clippings from your Christmas tree Festive decorations ... they're on sale everywhere Ribbon You start with your wreath form and clippings.  We had extra from our tree this year, so I just took a bunch from the excess branches we cut off. Just start sticking the branches between the vine on the wreath.  No need for glue here folks.  Just be sure that they are secure. Have your embellishments ready for when you've … [Read more...]

Easy Handprint Christmas Ornament ~ Child to Cherish Clay

Make the easiest handprint ornament in the world!!!  Child to Cherish Marshmallow Clay is so simple. No baking!

 I have played with pottery and clay in the past.  The last handprint ornament I made was our oldest's when he was 2 {5 years ago}.  He loves that ornament and it still hangs in his room.  When I heard about Child to Cherish marshmallow clay, I couldn't wait to get it in the mail and get started.  I also wanted to preserve Scooby's paw print as well.  Now we have 3 Christmas ornaments that have such meaning to us. About Child to Cherish Child to Cherish features a broad selection of quality gift and keepsake items ideal for gift giving and receiving for any and every special occasion year round. Each item is set to to capture precious moments of a child’s life, and make lasting … [Read more...]

Ordering Holiday Greeting Cards – Paper Culture is So Easy to Order From!!

Paper Culture is a wonderful eco friendly company. We ordered our Christmas cards and I LOVE them!!

I just received our Christmas cards from Paper Culture ... and I'm in LOVE! I don't know about you, but I haven't ordered Holiday Greeting cards in years because I'm a bit lazy and have been a bit intimidated by going online to find a layout I liked, decide which photos I want to use, and the wording to go along with it.  But, I'm so glad I found Paper Culture!  It was so easy to go in and choose, plunk my photos in, and write a little note.  Some layouts don't require any writing at all, but I wanted this layout that had space for a personal message.  I am so impressed with their delivery and packaging.  Our holiday greeting cards came in this cute little box... They even included a … [Read more...]

Our Family Christmas Traditions

christmas traditions

Our family Christmas Traditions For a few years now, we've been thinking of how we could make our Christmas OURS for our family.  We have 2 young boys who are now both understanding Christmas and what it's all about.  We have a few family traditions that we have done the past two years and are welcoming new ones as they come. We have cut down our Christmas Tree out in the forest the past 2 years.  We go with another family and make a day of it {if it's not FREEZING outside}.  This year was a bit chilly, so we didn't hang out all day to play in the snow. My husband and I with the kids in the back leaving the forest with our tree you cannot see. Here is the huge tree we got this … [Read more...]

How was your Christmas?

christmas day

Did you get all you wished for? ... and more ... perhaps? We had a WONDERFUL Christmas, the only thing that would've made it better would've been to have family here.  BUT, we had a great day! We opened LOTS of presents... And made a HUGE mess... Watched a little 'Christmas Story' {what's Christmas Day without a bit of "... you'll shoot your eye out, kid"}... Played with toys... and went tobogganing {sledding} and was pleasantly surprised by having our neighbours come join us ... And some of us got bored with sledding, so we put our own creative spin on things.... Then we went in, warmed up, and had a nice turkey dinner {but failed to take … [Read more...]

Christmas Decorating in our House

christmas traditions

I LOVE the holidays!I love revisiting the decorations from years gone by and using the new decorations I purchased from the year before. We're starting to really enjoy decorating the tree TOGETHER!  For those of you who have small children, I know you what I mean.  The boys are now 4 and 6, so they are a bit more responsible and 'careful' of the ornaments {mostly}.  Every year seems to get easier and easier to trim the tree and not have a heart attack! There are some very sentimental ornaments that I treasure like this one of M eating mud. And this one of N riding down a 'steep' hill for the first time. And, of course, now the boys are in school!  I sincerely LOVE the ornaments they make for … [Read more...]

Love Target's 75% off sale!

Gotta love Target!!! I look forward to their 75% off sale every holiday ... Christmas, Valentine's, Easter, Halloween/Thanksgiving. It's not enough that they put their stuff on 50% immediately after the holiday has passed, I have to wait till it goes to 75% ... call me cheap ... or call me SMART! Here are some the goods I got for under $15 total! Got us some big decorations for the outside trees Can you tell what colors I'm doing next year? There might still be some stuff left over at your local Target ... run out and get some goods for next year!!!!!  CHEAP!!!!!!   xo Tara … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas to all!

We are ready!  Are you ready? The stockings are hung and the tree is FULL!!!!! We have a serious construction site going on in our living room! Evidence that St Nick was here {Cookies eaten and milk gone ... oh, the carrots and celery is now gone, too}   My family wishes your family a very warm and safe holiday!!!! It'll be exciting to see what everybody gets!!!! xo Tara … [Read more...]