Celebrities at the Emmys Gifting Lounge

Although my ‘boyfriend’, Shemar Moore, didn’t make his appearance at the GBK Emmys Gifting Lounge a few weeks ago, there were a lot of others that showed!!!  He was on our run sheet to show, but he was busy at rehearsals, etc.  Pfftttt … If he knew I was there, I’m SURE he would’ve shown up!

I wanted to share some pictures that were taken at the GBK Emmys Gifting Lounge.

I love this one of Matt LeBlanc and David Crane, the creator of “Friends” and “Episodes”.

Matt LeBlanc and David Crane at the GBK Emmys Gifting Lounge 

Of course, the host of the big show, Neil Patrick Harris, made an appearance …

Neil Patrick Harris of "How I met your mother" and host of the Emmys at the GBK Emmys Gifting Lounge

I loved, loved, loved seeing him!!!  As you can see in the other picture below….

Neil Patrick Harris on the GBK Emmys Gifting Lounge run sheet

Tempest Bledsoe, we all know her from The Cosby Show, but she has more recently appeared in “Guys with Kids”.  So, her and Valerie share the same birthday!!!  She is 6 days older than me and just celebrated her ‘29th’ birthday just like me!!!

Tempest Bledsoe at the GBK Emmys Gifting Lounge

This face has been around for many to recognize, it’s Dennis Quaid!  He knows a close friend of mine, so I mentioned that she was a girlfriend of mine … He asked about her, her family, her kids.  Very engaging and charming.

I think this LKS Originals‘ leather cuff looks amazing on his wrist!

Dennis Quaid at the GBK Emmys Gifting Lounge

 Chuy Bravo from “Chelsea Lately” came rollin in.  He was so funny and very much the same character as you see on the show.  Very refreshing!!  So, his scooter puts him at the level of most people’s waists or butts … well, some guys’ butt was right at his shoulder in front of our table.  He didn’t even blink an eye before ‘moving’ the gent out of the way with his elbow and tapped him on the butt with his hand.  It was pretty funny {may have been a ‘you had to be there’ moment}.

He’s having fun posing with Camilee Designs‘ keychain.

Chuy from Chelsea Lately at the GBK Emmys Gifting Lounge

Another lovely lady that stopped by is the newest cast member on The Real Beverly Housewives, Joyce Giraud.  She had this beautiful shiney black mane of hair that was perfectly coiffed.  Oh my, she was just beautiful!!  We talked about kids as we both have young ones at home.  Oh, and her wedding ring … I could see it from down the hall.  No joke.  Gorg!!!!!!

Joyce is posing with Camilee Designs‘ necklace.

Joyce Giraud of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills at GBK Emmys Gifting Lounge

One of my favorite celebrities that came through is Dot Marie Jones.  She plays ‘Coach’ on the hit TV show, Glee.  I felt she really was very engaging.  She took time to talk and have an actual conversation about life.  I learned that she has written an anti-bullying children’s book, ‘Just Like You’.  So, we instantly had a connection and talked about my boys and more.  As they were leaving the Lounge, she walked past out entry and called out, “See ya later, T Rex!”  Of course, THAT was awesome!

Here is posing with a Suffield Sundries‘ candle.

Dot Marie Jones at the GBK Emmys Gifting Lounge

There were so many ah-mazing celebrities there … Brian McKnight {I wanted him to sing ‘One’ to me so badly!}, Jose Pablo Cantillo of AMC’s ‘Walking Dead’, Jason Issacs of “Harry Potter” and “Case Histories”, Tony Hale, Emmy winner, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for “Veep”, Chris Noth of “Sex and the City” and”The Good Wife”.  There were many celebrities from reality TV shows such as “So You Think You Can Dance”, “Dancing with the Stars”, “Shark Tank”, just to name a few.

Valerie and I had such a wonderful and fulfilling time representing all the fabulous and talented artisans from The Artisan Group.

It was such an amazing experience.

Valerie Guerrero, founder of  The Artisan Group, and I at the GBK Emmys Gifting Lounge

If you’d like to have your handmade items in any future events, you can apply at theartisangroup.org

Hope you enjoyed another little peak inside to the GBK Emmys Gifting Lounge.

** Photos taken by GBK Productions photographers


  1. Wow! How exciting. Dennis Quaid really did look good with that cuff. Quite cool. I saw Tempest and I was like, “Hey! I know that face I know that face! YEAH! It’s Vanessa!” I love the Cosby show.
    Man, it must be such a treat to be able to do these gift lounges!

    • Elora, it really is a lot of fun! I’ve enjoyed every second of each gift lounge I’ve been at. Tempest has been to each one, so it’s nice to see her and converse with her … amongst the others. xo

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